Translation of stockpile in Spanish:


reservas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑkˌpaɪl/ /ˈstɒkpʌɪl/


  • 1

    (of oil, coal)
    reservas feminine
    the world's nuclear stockpile el arsenal nuclear del mundo
    • America would provide a safer form of atomic energy to prevent the production of a growing stockpile of nuclear weapons material.
    • No relief for prices after the Department of Energy said refiners can borrow oil from the nation's emergency stockpiles.
    • Over the next ten years both sides will reduce their operational stockpiles of nuclear weapons to between 1,700 and 2,200 warheads each.
    • Both America and Russia massively built up their stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
    • Until very recently, tremendous concern has been related to the immense stockpile of nuclear weapons.
    • So much aid has poured in to Indonesia, in fact, that one of the biggest problems the American marines now face is moving supplies from airport stockpiles to the areas devastated by the tsunami.
    • The U.S. search, however, has so far not found any actual stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.
    • As of August, 61 countries had destroyed their stockpiles of land mines.
    • Russia and the United States continue to maintain enormous stockpiles of fissile material.
    • The Marines had established a large stockpile of supplies at Chinhung-ni.
    • Some experts have also suggested the government fund a stockpile of backup components for the energy sector.
    • As the stockpile of supplies has quickly disappeared so more people have joined in the ruckus, desperate to get their hands on anything remaining.
    • In fact, 47 thousand tonnes of mineralised material sits in a stockpile at the site unprocessed.
    • To date, U.S. weapons inspectors have not been able to find stockpiles of biological agents or signs of an active nuclear program.
    • When a conflict occurs, demand for supplies increases dramatically and existing stockpiles of materiel are depleted quickly.
    • The United States has ordered more supplies, but at these levels U.S. stockpiles would treat less than two percent of the population.
    • The price of nickel was also down in London overnight after stockpiles rose, hurting miners, including Minara Resources and Jubilee Mines.
    • We thought there was going to be stockpiles of weapons.
    • Dealers fear the storm will tighten fuel supplies, which are much lower than relatively robust crude stockpiles and more difficult to replace.

transitive verb

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