Translation of stooge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /studʒ/ /stuːdʒ/


  • 1

    personaje del cual se burlan otros en una comedia (in comedy)
    • The cheeky glove puppet fox hosts a variety and sketch show format - a procession of comic stooges play straight man and second fiddle to his antics.
    • As the film progresses, a one-way process of the performance is firmly established, involving the humiliation of Judy as the stooge.
  • 2

    (lackey, puppet)
    títere masculine
    • We need to start a special project documenting political party stooges in the media.
    • Yes, obviously he was a stooge for the Republican Party.
    • Unless a lot more people decide to stand as independents, and most of them get voted in in place of the traditional party stooges, there isn't a great deal we, as voters, can do.
    • He has the odd misfortune of repeatedly hiring party stooges for key assignments who stab him in the back as soon as they leave his employ.
    • We stand by and allow them to remove many democratically elected presidents from office and replace them with imperialist stooges.
    • Sometimes they are heroes - doctors and engineers cleaning up slums, lawyers fighting for the rights of oppressed minorities; and sometimes they are villains - stooges and lackeys of the ruling class.
    • His stooges would turn up at the Party meetings and block the vote.
    • Without local stooges to stand between them and the people, they'll have to do all the oppressing themselves.
    • He may, for political reasons, be deemed worthy of prosecution, but such measures will not be applied either to the imperialist leaders or their favoured stooges.
    • But real democracy can only come through mass movements of ordinary people, not by the orders of imperial rulers and their stooges.
    • Debate was kept to a minimum and opponents of the leaders' strategy were ridiculed or heckled by their stooges in the audience.
    • Scorning the help of the secret service stooges following them, she pulled the car into a service station and told William to leave it all to her.
    • His role as a company stooge earned him the hatred of workers at the Louisville plant.
    • The problem with Sullivan is that he's wanted to be someone's stooge for so long, he thinks his job is to support the people in power.
    • She will be nobody's stooge, least of all Washington's.
    • They think I'm just some stooge here to make sure the roads and runways are clear of ice when the blizzards come.
    • Human-resources staffers walk a fine line: employees see them as stooges for management, and management views them as annoying do-gooders representing employees.
    • Now, the corporate lords who fought their way up the corporate ladder from the rank of stooge to the rank of master don't care as much.
    • On election day, he and two other stooges jammed phone lines, preventing Democrats from reaching voters in need of a ride to the polls.
    • He's not some bloated old Masonic corporate stooge; he's a man of the people - a liberal, even - and he wants everyone to know it.