Translation of stop-go in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌstɑpˈɡoʊ/


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    • And then it's the traditional stop-go traffic jam, as the person at the head of the slip spends a few minutes rinsing down their boat before moving on.
    • But in cities, emissions from stop-go traffic can be very different.
    • A stop-go commitment to the strategic resourcing of our educational provision is the worst possible option.
    • A Warrenpoint man has condemned as ‘madness’ a decision to switch traffic management from free-flowing roundabouts to stop-go traffic lights in Newry city.
    • I don't know why I might have expected it to be heavier, but the car is commendably easy to drive even in stop-go traffic where an automatic might have been more appropriate.
    • This is the familiar stop-go traffic wave; where traffic stops dead for something like five seconds, then takes off again.
    • So far, there is no news on a proper automatic transmission, ideal for heavy-city traffic, as the selespeed can be too jerky in stop-go traffic.
    • The play's inherent contradictions are also not helped by the author's stop-go direction.