Translation of stop-loss in Spanish:


de stop loss, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑpˌlɔs/


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    de stop loss
    de stop de pérdidas
    • If you bought a stock at $22 and are worried about it falling too low, you might place a stop-loss order to sell on it at $20.
    • It may be wisest to enter orders that first protect your downside: many wise investors use the stop-loss order, which instructs your broker to buy or sell a stock once it has reached a certain price.
    • One stock trading rule - regardless of your approach - is to use stop-loss orders as protection from downward price movements.
    • Investors who can't monitor positions every second can place a stop-loss order.
    • Some people think that stop-loss orders are the cure for their stock market headaches.
    • The entry order should then be placed 50 pips below at 137.29, while our stop-loss order will be placed 50 pips above at 137.79.