Translation of stopover in Spanish:


parada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑpˌoʊvər/ /ˈstɒpəʊvə/

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    (break in journey)
    parada feminine
    (stay) estadía feminine Latin America
    (stay) estancia feminine Spain, Mexico
    Aviation escala feminine
    during our stopover in Dallas we made a trip out to Southfork durante nuestra estadía en Dallas hicimos una excursión a Southfork
    • we made a stopover in Rome on the way here de camino aquí hicimos escala en Roma / pasamos por Roma
    • His one visit was a brief stopover in Italy to visit his daughter while she was studying there.
    • The delegation will have a two-day stopover in New York en route to Haiti and a one-day stopover in Los Angeles on the return trip.
    • The new route, which includes a brief stopover in Hong Kong, will leave twice daily every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
    • The boats are actually floating five-star hotels and make stopovers at historical spots up the river.
    • They both enjoy trekking, but are looking for a trip that would also incorporate plenty of sightseeing and allow for stopovers in local towns and villages.
    • Some of these tickets are one-way, and therefore not constrained by maximum-stay restrictions, while others are round-trips with extended stopovers.
    • It's comforting to have friendly faces together with invaluable local knowledge when it comes to possible stopovers in new destinations on overseas travels.
    • However, there is no judging of films for her this time; she is busy doing a world tour with stopovers at New York and Toronto.
    • They can also arrange car hire and tailor-make itineraries, including stopovers at various US cities.
    • There are stopovers in exotic places including the Galapagos Islands and Mauritius.
    • After making a short stopover in a Nigerian city, we reached Timbuktu on 24 February 1999.
    • A number of good motels and hotels offer accommodation for a stopover, and there is a good choice of restaurants and cafes.
    • The airline now runs daily flights between the two cities with a transit stopover in Vancouver.
    • It's difficult to appreciate the unique flavour of the place in a quick stopover between train and boat.
    • Having being given no deadline by which they had to get themselves to Friedhold, the pair had decided to make one or two stopovers at various small towns on their way.
    • Plan overnight stopovers in cities you'd like to explore rather than simply rolling across the countryside at night.
    • The whole group is in a buoyant mood, with plenty to distract us from the thought of the long flight home tomorrow, with the long stopover in Kuala Lumpur en route.
    • Yes, if you break one of these US laws you might find yourself arrested and thrown in jail next time you travel to or enjoy a stopover at a US destination.
    • We landed for a stopover at London Stansted two hours later.
    • They had a quick stopover in Seattle before continuing on to Beijing.