Translation of stopper in Spanish:


tapón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɑpər/ /ˈstɒpə/

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    tapón masculine
    • Marie shredded the book's pages, enclosed the shreds within gel capsules, put the capsules inside a glass druggist's bottle, and sealed the bottle with a cork stopper.
    • Many parts of the Mediterranean are facing an environmental crisis as wine makers stop using traditional cork stoppers for their wine bottles.
    • He began saving cork stoppers from bottles of wine drunk by his parents, then began collecting them from bars and restaurants in his home town.
    • The only real modern improvement upon the process has been in the area of storage; corks seal bottles better than fired-clay stoppers.
    • We used to break old soda water bottles to get at the marbles which were used as stoppers in these bottles.
    • The range covers everything from salt shakers to duvets, wine bottle stoppers to flagpoles for your garden, bowler hats to toilet seats and rubber ducks.
    • The increasing use of plastic stoppers in wine bottles is threatening the wildlife which relies upon the cork producing regions of Spain and Portugal.
    • The heavy dark green bottle with the marble stopper has caught the fancy of several collectors, particularly foreign tourists frequenting the beach resorts in the capital city.
    • In 1999, according to government figures, bottle stoppers accounted for 71 per cent of cork exports by value.
    • One especially exciting bathroom included replicas of old bottles with genuine antique stoppers made of silver and fashioned into old-time designs.
    • Flooring manufacturers get cork tissue from post-industrial materials - leftovers from the production of bottle stoppers.
    • Their contents were sealed with tiny stoppers, protected beneath gold, silver-gilt or silver screw caps resembling sewing thimbles.
    • There were two jugs, sealed with wooden stoppers.
    • The scents were kept in glass or crystal bottles with glass stoppers ornamented with silver, gold, or other metals.
    • Engraved wine glasses or bottle stoppers would nicely complement the wedding gift.
    • Lillia stood up and put a glass stopper in the oil bottle.
    • She took the stopper out of the bottle and placed it on the small table next to the stumpy candle.
    • Packaged in a graduated green bottle and a black stopper, this is an elegant fragrance for either women or men.
    • She nodded and let him have another swallow of whiskey before she took it from his unresisting fingers and shoved the stopper back into the bottle.
    • It also comes in a squat Victorian apothecary-style bottle with cork stopper.