Translation of storm surge in Spanish:

storm surge

marejada ciclónica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɔrm ˌsərdʒ/


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    marejada ciclónica feminine
    • A storm surge at high tide destroyed the dukes and killed more than 1800 people.
    • My mother insists the storm was so fierce a tidal wave came ashore, not just a storm surge.
    • We're going to have to deal with the storm surge, the wind and the rainfall throughout this event.
    • And we're going to have to talk about the hazard, the storm surge, the winds and the rainfall.
    • The right front quadrant contains the highest storm surge, the strongest winds.
    • A storm surge is primarily caused by the wind pushing the sea towards the coast, but can also be coupled with low air pressure.
    • The storm's impending landfall has sent millions of people inland to escape fierce winds and a deadly storm surge.
    • These winds caused a storm surge and extensive wave action.
    • That's where the storm surge and the winds are going to be strongest.
    • We have this concern at the coast for the storm surge and the winds, but we have just as great a concern inland for some very heavy rain.
    • Hurricanes can bring destruction on an unimaginable scale, and most of the devastation is caused by the storm surge that often occurs with a hurricane.
    • On the foreshore at Beachmere, the storm surge deposited boats in tree-tops.
    • The storm was accompanied by an extraordinary storm surge, with water levels metres above normal, and also by huge waves.
    • Of 19 cyclone-related deaths in Mackay, most drowned in the storm surge.
    • Many of the victims were killed by the accompanying storm surge.
    • Just how much damage depends, of course, on the size of the storm surge that comes ashore with Rita.
    • Yet this storm, even though it's weaker, will have a larger storm surge because its circulation is much bigger.
    • Above, residents survey damage caused by the hurricane and its storm surge.
    • The real challenge for us would be to handle any kind of a storm surge or any hurricane that came close to the city.
    • While the winds were not as high, the storm surge actually exceeded Camille considerably.