There are 2 main translations of story in Spanish

: story1story2


historia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɔri/ /ˈstɔːri/

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nounplural stories

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (account) historia feminine
      (account) relato masculine
      (tale) cuento masculine
      (genre) Literature cuento masculine
      he told us the story of his life nos contó la historia de su vida
      • tell me a story cuéntame un cuento
      • the book tells the story of the expedition el libro relata la expedición
      • that's a long story eso es largo de contar
      • but that's not the end of the story pero ahí no termina
      • according to his/your story según él/tú
      • what's the story? bueno ¿qué pasa?
      • he gave me the story on the new models me dio información sobre los nuevos modelos
      • that's (quite) another / a different story eso es otro cantar
      • it's a different story if you're poor si eres pobre es muy diferente / es otro cantar
      • the same old story la (misma) historia de siempre
      • There are romance stories, historical stories and adventures.
      • I write adventure stories, thrillers, so most of my heroes spend their time running after the bad guys.
      • His most recent work shows that a novel of philosophical analysis can be a real story.
      • The trusty Dr Watson narrates the stories of his adventures with the sleuth of Baker Street.
      • Henry James is not a name that springs to mind when we think of adventure stories, prose epics or historical fiction.
      • As the story unfolds, the real character of Harry comes out into full view.
      • It can't decide whether it is a detective story, a love story or a historical epic.
      • Many SF and fantasy adventure stories are now written by female authors.
      • Charlotte loved stories of romance and adventure, there had been so little romance or adventure in her life.
      • I loved reading and filled my free time with Bible stories and adventure novels for young boys.
      • These days children do not have grandparents telling them folklore and stories from epics.
      • None of the stories were real, but one story in particular had an effect on Joanna.
      • It is a story packed with plotting, political intrigue and bloody warfare.
      • I cry every time I read a sad love story.
      • The first film is a serious, atmospheric ghost story.
      • Story telling and shadows have been around since the time of the cave people, when their fires flickered as they told stories in to the night.
      • She didn't just dutifully put pen to paper, she told stories, painted pictures and opened a window into the frustrations and rare joys of her own life.
      • We sat around the table and told stories until late into the night.
      • That's why people like to be told stories, so they can forget about their own lives and enter another world.
      • Both are finely observed and elegantly told stories of childhood and family life.

    • 1.2

      (anecdote) anécdota feminine
      (joke) chiste masculine
      there's an interesting story attached to this diamond hay una historia interesante ligada a ese brillante
      • For centuries, if not longer, there have been rumours and stories about a giant bird living in the remote areas of Australia.
      • In his letters, he gossips, tells wicked stories and speaks the unguarded truth.
      • He fed his in-crowd with stories, gossip, tips and steers.
      • There are stories and rumours of people who have already gone.
      • Rumours and stories about the site's future use have done the rounds for the past few years.
      • Post quiz we headed off to the bar to catch up on gossip, swap stories and generally bond a bit.
      • Along the way there were stories and rumours that the two did not get on but Serena is adamant that the duo are not involved in a bitter feud.
      • All you've heard are stories pieced together, some blown out of all proportion over time.
      • You haven't seen each other in a while, you've got time to kill and you talk about how it's going, share gossip and stories from your club.
      • There the matter ended and six months passed without any further published stories or rumours.
      • I could tell you a lot of stories about some of my pupil's mammies and daddies and what they got up to over the years, but I'm not going to.
      • While on Pictou Island, I heard stories about a lot of wasteful helicoptering by government.
      • Outside the official investigation, a different story began to circulate.

  • 2

    argumento masculine
    trama feminine
    • As the plot unfolds, the story begins to collapse under the weight of its unanswered questions.
    • Shock revelations follow as the story unravels, the plot thickens and the audience grows more intrigued.
    • But I think we always return because we are hungry for the same story, the same plot.
    • They both have entirely messy stories, rife with plot holes and improbabilities.
    • One option we talked about was framing the story itself in flashback with a narrator.
    • The evidence becomes incontrovertible, leading the story to its logical denouement.
    • In its own way, the film works almost like a sequel to the comic, in that there are several new subplots and stories going on that weren't in the original.
    • I am supposed to move the story along and provide comic relief or cynicism wherever I can.
    • There are several coincidences in the story at present that hold it together flimsily.
    • The audience see it through Elaine's eyes and gradually the story unfolds and the pieces start to fall into place.
    • If you give people a compelling reason to come back every week for more pieces of a story, you will create rabid fans.
  • 3

    • 3.1(article)

      artículo masculine
      • The story that news papers would of course like to run is imminent collapse and absolute disaster.
      • Obviously we will be bringing you many other big news stories in your favourite newspaper over the coming 12 months.
      • We only hope they will at least provide more careful, balanced statements during live broadcasts or in newspaper stories.
      • Like any young sports fan in America at that time, he read newspapers and magazine stories about his heroes.
      • When he returned the local newspaper had a front-page story which made him cringe.
      • Fiction sometimes presents a much more vivid perspective on events than we can ever glean from newspaper stories or television reports.
      • We won't have to wait for front page stories in the newspaper about a bad product.
      • This picture is taken from the local Spanish newspaper, where the traffic story is front page news.
      • The policy shift has been the subject of numerous front-page news stories and op-eds.
      • If you want to dig deeper, I reckon the way news media report drugs stories is but one example of a problem related to how they define news.
      • Every report in an Irish newspaper initially reported similar stories, he said.
      • Two recent front page stories in this newspaper represent the poles of opinion on crime and punishment.
      • He has written more than 2,000 news and feature stories for print and broadcast media.
      • He himself didn't find out about his dad's heroism until years later, when he read the story in a newspaper article.
      • As well as highlighting these positive stories, regional newspapers also generate good news by campaigning for local causes.
      • Almost all lead stories in both major newspapers and network television news are about men's sports.
      • That evening's television news and the next day's newspapers were full of stories about the lottery winner who had taken the cash.
      • In newspapers across America, the story was presented as a humorous tale of incredible stupidity.
      • I was disappointed, however, by the sensationalist way the story was presented.
      • One can read multiple news stories from different sources on the same subject.

    • 3.2(newsworthy event)

      a reporter with a nose for a good story un periodista con buen olfato para lo que es noticia

  • 4 informal

    cuento masculine informal
    mentira feminine
    don't tell stories no me vengas con cuentos informal

There are 2 main translations of story in Spanish

: story1story2


piso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɔri/ /ˈstɔːri/

nounplural stories

  • 1British storey

    (of building)
    piso masculine
    planta feminine
    on the first story en la planta baja
    • a four-story building un edificio de cuatro pisos