Traducción de story editor en Español:

story editor

guionista jefe, n.


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    guionista jefe masculino, femenino
    • From entry level up, the pecking order is: staff writer, story editor, executive story editor, co-producer, producer, supervising producer co-executive producer and executive producer.
    • Bodicea was originally not going to be the queen we used - we had a different queen in mind, but the story editor who was working with us suggested Bodicea, who I up until this point had never heard of.
    • Ang worked with a story editor here to create a summary of the things that he felt were most interesting in the novel.
    • The producer of a series on the air for a full season needs at least twenty-six scripts from writers unless he or his story editor are themselves able to write a script or two.
    • Niven Busch, later an important writer of westerns in the late 1940s and early 1950s, was Goldwyn's story editor at the time and he persisted with the idea of the Gehrig picture.
    • ‘He was a great story editor, and a spectacular editorial writer,’ says Levitt.
    • When Tammy reported for her first day of work as a story editor in the early 1990s, the guard at the studio gate told her she would have to visit personnel first and take her typing test.
    • One excuse, offered by the director himself in his interview, is that the manga series was unfinished when the film was made, obligating him and the story editor to invent their own climax.
    • Eventually, you were credited as a story editor and producer.
    • A good story editor does not want to concern herself with copy editing and vice versa.
    • And he was my story editor; when I had done a lousy scene he used to call me with his input.
    • My producers have an ongoing relationship with him to develop his first novel, so we decided to keep him involved with the project as a story editor.
    • Andrea moved up through the ranks as a story editor, coproducer, supervising producer and so on to get to her current job.
    • ‘She has this exquisite sensitivity to individual people's stories,’ says Joel Lovell, a New York Times Magazine story editor.
    • In summer 2001 he needed people to finish the series and asked me to join his team as story editor.
    • The best feature on this disc is four small interviews with one of the show's original story editors.
    • On a TV show, five producers and eight story editors may have pitched in to rewrite the script and all contributed material that got on the air.
    • The series struggled at first to find the right balance of humour, action and 1940s pastiche, getting through three story editors before hitting its stride.
    • One of the pleasures of being a young playwright was to be taken in turn by all seven story editors from all seven studios to expensive restaurants where you would discuss ideas both of you knew would never get made.
    • Often called story editors or field producers, the reality writers group alleges they worked in sweat shop conditions, often 80-hour weeks without compensation or breaks required by law.