Translation of storybook in Spanish:


libro de cuentos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstɔriˌbʊk/ /ˈstɔːrɪbʊk/


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    libro de cuentos masculine
    a storybook romance un romance de cuento de hadas
    • It was the perfect ending to a storybook season, that saw the 17-year-old Russian dethrone Williams at Wimbledon to become the darling of the tennis world.
    • Another thing that I cannot stand are the other kids my age who are the storybook image of what perfect is supposed to be.
    • In August 1972, her father's failed attempt to overthrow King Hassan brought an abrupt end to nineteen-year-old Malika's storybook youth.
    • And, in storybook fashion, he recovered sufficiently to play a starring role as England claimed the World Cup in 1999.
    • Do you own a twee, high-ceilinged, airy old-fashioned storybook home near York that you plan to leave for a few days next month?
    • Days disappeared in a flurry of sea and sand and the evenings became storybook forays to find a beach where we could barbecue sausages and toast marshmallows.
    • This study provides students a clear example of how technological choices are not the storybook cases of perfected innovations replacing hopelessly outclassed traditional methods.
    • Sir Malcolm was a charismatic, storybook figure, who combined fierce ambition with a playful sense of adventure - as his expedition in 1926 to find buried treasure on the Cocos Islands showed.
    • Movies often portray this same storybook image - that falling in love is really just that: falling, out of control, toward that one person who is meant to be with you and you alone.
    • After all, they reasoned, the tall ceilings, deep moldings, and storybook wraparound front porch made the house a good candidate for remodeling.
    • Just five years after the triumphant New York to Paris flight, his storybook life began to unravel when his infant son was kidnapped.
    • We're on a misty riverbank, with lush, flowering trees and towering storybook castles in the background.
    • It was a charming wedding, filled with storybook happiness and, nine months later, I arrived.
    • In short, she was your everyday, run of the mill, storybook best pal - like the friends you get in Enid Blighton books or Disney films.
    • The Dodgers' storybook season ended in defeat at the hands of the Yankees.
    • Our culture is also to blame, Huston says, for perpetuating the myth of storybook romance, which is more likely to doom a marriage than strengthen it.
    • Ilsa too is fresh-faced, much less mysterious in her motives; only Victor's storybook idealism is chiefly unaffected by the full lighting.
    • Pantano also boasts a storybook life: After serving in the Marines as an enlisted man and graduating from New York University, he embarked on careers on Wall Street and then as a TV producer.
    • Much of the credit for crafting the team's storybook season has gone to the coach, who demanded and got a superhuman work ethic from his players as they knocked off division leaders three times to advance to the final.
    • The more time I spend with J, the more he becomes my role model… he's successful beyond belief, and throughout his storybook journey has remained gracious, down to earth and friendly.