Translation of stovepipe in Spanish:


conducto de estufa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstoʊvpaɪp/ /ˈstəʊvpʌɪp/

See Spanish definition of chistera


  • 1

    conducto de estufa masculine
    • Remove vines in contact with the home, prune tree branches and shrubs within 15 feet of a stovepipe or chimney outlet, and ask the power company to clear branches from power lines.
    • Some 40,000 people who packed St Peter's Square to stare at the stovepipe jutting from the chapel roof shouted ‘It's black!’
    • This supply of fresh air is also important to help carry pollutants up the chimney, stovepipe, or flue to the outside.
    • Unlike smokestacks and stovepipes, they don't have an opening at the top.
    • At the top was a series of rooms built with thin sticks and with a stovepipe sticking out of the roof.
    • They had managed to scrounge enough coal and coke to keep the stoves roaring away, with the stovepipes red-hot halfway up.
    • I managed for a whole weekend not to clean the stovepipe.
    • Exhausted, Fleming crawled into a single bed beside the stovepipe, pulled off her pants under the sheets and fell fast asleep with the male skiers sitting around her.
    • The old squatters' homes rot and sink, clap siding bowing from the studs, steps detaching, bricks and stovepipes tilting, angling toward the marshy ground that floods and dries.
    • They also tacked down carpets, repaired an ironing board, and made a hole for a stovepipe - in short, tasks that the novice carpenter could do.
    • Hedge had knocked the stovepipe down and dragged Grandma's stove outside.
    • It was believed to have been started by an overheated stovepipe igniting some clothes that were hanging out to dry in an upper room in the attic.
    • There's the stovepipe to be cleaned, the living room ceiling fan to be fixed, the new sleek stovepipe brace to be installed; the back upper windows to be cleaned.
    • As a result, it's possible and relatively easy to build your own stove and stovepipe.
  • 2US informal also stovepipe hat

    chistera feminine
    galera feminine Southern Cone