Translation of stowaway in Spanish:


polizón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstoʊəˌweɪ/ /ˈstəʊəweɪ/

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    polizón masculine, feminine
    • They inspected recently installed systems for detecting stowaways on vehicles.
    • Many of the drivers complain that they had no reason to suspect their vehicles contained stowaways.
    • He soon finds himself sailing away from the port in the Melissa, one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships, not as a stowaway but as a legitimate passenger.
    • Some 15 stowaways were found on-board a freighter.
    • Those of us brought up on the romantic fiction of Robert Louis Stevenson or John Buchan tend to think of stowaways on more exotic voyages: Bristol to Barbados, say, or Southampton to Shanghai.
    • He said that the equipment - used to spot people hidden in lorries - was also needed at the rail freight yard, near Calais, because trains are also used by stowaways.
    • Both of them went to Seoul as stowaways on a train.
    • Last year, some 9,465 stowaways were caught, down 18 per cent on the figure for the previous year.
    • The force revealed that, in July, August and September last year, 181 stowaways had been discovered.
    • Company bosses expressed surprise after three stowaways were found under the carriage of a train.
    • They made it back to Florida as stowaways on a boat, with nothing more than the clothes they stood up in.
    • The stowaways were discovered when the lorry in which they were travelling was stopped during a routine search at the entrance to the base.
    • He attempted to sneak into the United States as a stowaway on a tramp steamer.
    • Four eccentric stowaways sneak on board an ocean liner bound for New York , and try to keep one step ahead of the suspicious first mate.
    • All vehicles will be screened before entering the state to detect stowaways.
    • Hiding aboard were stowaways who jumped ashore at every opportunity.
    • The two stowaways were found hiding in a locker room after climbing up the anchor chain.
    • The stowaway scaled a 2.5-metre fence to reach the aircraft.
    • The tale of a well-mannered, marmalade-loving stowaway has been updated without losing any of its charm.
    • Before the train even leaves the station it has not one , but two stowaways on board.