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polizón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstoʊəˌweɪ/ /ˈstəʊəweɪ/

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    polizón masculino, femenino
    • The two men inspected recently installed systems for checking passports and detecting stowaways on vehicles, including heartbeat sensors and gamma ray scanners.
    • Many of the drivers complain that they had no reason to suspect their vehicles contained stowaways, and that they are being used as unpaid immigration officials.
    • He soon finds himself sailing away from the port in the Melissa, one of the worlds most luxurious cruise ships, not as a stowaway but as a legitimate passenger.
    • Some 15 stowaways from India and Vietnam were found on-board a Finnish freighter that docked at Finland's eastern port of Hamina today, the police said.
    • In 1993 a Greek captain found African stowaways on board and flung them into the sea.
    • Those of us brought up on the romantic fiction of Robert Louis Stevenson or John Buchan tend to think of stowaways on more exotic voyages: Bristol to Barbados, say, or Southampton to Shanghai.
    • Two stowaways who were found dead in the undercarriage of a plane at Heathrow Airport were boys as young as 12-years-old, it was revealed yesterday.
    • The spotlight will also be on senior Belgian Government ministers next week when a senate commission will ask why x-ray scanners were not installed at all ports to detect stowaways.
    • He said that the equipment - used to spot people hidden in lorries - was also needed at the Frethun rail freight yard, near Calais, because trains are also used by stowaways.
    • As the train speeds away, running precisely on time, he locks the doors to the coach and the interleading doors, a security precaution against theft and stowaways.
    • Both of them went to Seoul as stowaways on a train.
    • Last year, some 9,465 stowaways were caught, down 18 per cent on the figure for the previous year.
    • The campaign is aimed to crack down on those who run blockades by sea or hide in containers, and those foreign stowaways who use China as a transfer point.
    • The force revealed that, in July, August and September last year, 181 stowaways had been discovered.
    • Company bosses expressed surprise after three stowaways were found under the carriage of a train.
    • They made it back to Florida as stowaways on a boat, with nothing more than the clothes they stood up in.
    • Authorities in the southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro found a stowaway in a well-appointed container, fitted out with a bed, toilet, heater and water.
    • The shell-shocked stowaway was discovered running around the immigration detention centre at Manchester Airport after a flight from Jamaica.
    • The stowaways were discovered when the lorry in which they were travelling was stopped during a routine search at the entrance to the base.
    • Under the scheme which ran from April 2000 until December last year when the High Court made its ruling, drivers and freight operators faced a £2,000 fine for each stowaway found in their vehicles.