Translation of straight-faced in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstreɪt ˈˌfeɪst/ /ˌstreɪtˈfeɪst/


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    he told it completely straight-faced lo contó muy serio / sin reírse
    • they sat straight-faced through the act vieron todo el número sin reírse
    • So there we were, declaiming the lines, complete with interpretive dance, and the audience sat there completely straight-faced and took everything seriously.
    • He is a master of dry straight-faced witty delivery and he brings a subtle sense of pathos to a script that has a tendency to milk its gags to death.
    • ‘The normal process of consultation was carried out,’ said the Prime Minister's remarkably straight-faced spokesman yesterday.
    • Mr Cole remained sombre, straight-faced and silent as the returning officer pronounced Ms Greene, a local school governor, the victor with a 2,000-plus majority.
    • On the hard, wooden benches at the back of the court, Alison sits straight-faced and composed, her blond hair pulled tightly into a ponytail.
    • As we step out of the office into an unbearably hot afternoon, he looks up into the sunny sky, and says, straight-faced: ‘Well, I see it's stopped snowing.’
    • ‘I am not known for my ability to keep secrets,’ the 83-year-old says, straight-faced.
    • He is a shoo-in for any quick-witted verbal gameshow that requires surreal rambling and a straight-faced delivery.
    • I attend a Catholic wedding and endure a mumbling, straight-faced ten-minute homily about the evils of throwing confetti.
    • Though saddled with a reputation for being a straight-faced bunch of no-fun guys, the crucial role accountants play in the heart and soul of the economy cannot be overstated.
    • ‘This is just my personal view,’ he says, straight-faced.
    • Despite another excellent outsider film, the director is maintaining, straight-faced, that he's not necessarily drawn to outsider stories.
    • Two weeks after Arnold's sighting, a US Air Force officer announced, straight-faced, that a flying saucer had been recovered in New Mexico.
    • ‘The builders had to make a detour as trolls live here,’ John tells us straight-faced, gesturing at huge rocks.
    • Clyde could sit there straight-faced and talk to you about anything, lying to you the entire time, and you'd believe it.
    • But how does someone deliver lines straight-faced while her co-star is drooling down the front of her shirt?
    • By the end, you're in a rehearsal hall where there is nothing but people in suits, straight-faced.
    • Elwood takes the joke and tells it totally straight-faced.
    • At most, the jokes caused her to interrupt her grim straight-faced staring to write a note to her lawyer.
    • He had a reputation as the straight-faced political hardman of New Labour.