Translation of straight razor in Spanish:

straight razor

navaja, n.

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    navaja feminine
    • Pipe smoking is going the way of the shaving brush, the straight razor, the fedora, the Freemasons.
    • I'm still trying to find info about non-disposable razors; straight razors seem a bit time-consuming.
    • A guest at the old hotel on the courthouse square of the Little Town tried to slit his own throat with a straight razor.
    • Colonel Kurtz's nightmare might have been watching a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor, but ours is shopping.
    • When you're a little kid, being asked to sit perfectly still while a strange man with a straight razor and scissors longer than your forearm waves his instruments of death two inches from your brain is less than a pleasant thought.
    • Back when straight razors were all the rage and a guy could take off an ear before his morning coffee, electric shavers were the barely articulated yelp of the deaf.
    • A barber came in with a stool and his straight razors to try his luck at making a few coins, and Michael and Kieran availed themselves of his services.
    • Men used to shave with straight razors, which required skill to both make and use, and lasted almost forever.
    • ‘Anyway,’ Zach went on, ‘this film starts out with a guy who's sharpening a straight razor.’
    • She did subdue a maniac armed with a straight razor exactly as she does in the story, but he was not an escaped murder suspect.
    • A small frown on his face, Wash took a straight razor and stropped it on his leg, scowling at having to shave with no soap.
    • He'll have to lose his authentic maleness, make his cheeks soft and hairless with a straight razor, don a pressed three-piece.
    • She looked around the bathroom and found a straight razor.
    • Manne insists on using a straight razor like his father did.
    • I also tried a straight razor and never got the hang of it.
    • He winced slightly, then picked up his dull straight razor off the side of the moldy sink.
    • There really was a mad barber, he really did use a trapdoor and straight razor to rob and kill customers, and most did end up as filling for meat pies.