Translation of straightaway in Spanish:


enseguida, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌstreɪdəˈweɪ/ /ˌstreɪtəˈweɪ/

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    I'll do it straightaway ahora mismo / enseguida lo hago
    • she did it straightaway lo hizo enseguida / inmediatamente
    • The Inspector, who was also at the meeting, urged anyone finding drugs paraphernalia, including burned tin foil and syringes, to contact the police straightaway.
    • Child protection officers will be under instructions to report any allegations straightaway to Mr Morris and to appropriate authorities such as police and social services.
    • Linda took the courageous decision to waive her anonymity in the hope of encouraging other victims of sexual and physical abuse to report their situations to the police straightaway.
    • And straightaway I found the canal a hypnotic companion.
    • Anyway, we didn't get back until after three that afternoon and straightaway I checked with Penman about the Meg situation.
    • A few lucky people become friends straightaway, soon after they meet or get introduced to each other.
    • But Tameside Hospital has opened a clinic which can treat suspected sufferers straightaway.
    • Dr Wilson said that had Mr Collins been treated by medical staff straightaway he could still be alive today.
    • He said people who see someone acting suspiciously near a home should call the police straightaway.
    • Cheerful customers can then walk in and fire up their laptops straightaway, without fuss.
    • Anyone who finds the bag or contents is also urged to contact Swindon police straightaway.
    • I'm aware that it takes time for a defence to learn to play together but we need results straightaway.
    • If he had given the photos straightaway to a museum or other institution they might have been filed away for years until someone got around to looking at them.
    • As he is definitely among the top three cricketers India has ever produced, he will command the respect of the boys straightaway.
    • The philosopher did not accept these invitations straightaway.
    • The 1.3-litre engine will put off a certain section of people straightaway.
    • He had joined the team late and straightaway plunged into competition without quite getting acclimatised to the extreme weather conditions or showing concern for fitness.
    • It is quite obvious that if he could get someone better, he would have dumped you straightaway.
    • ‘Do you know, I recognised you straightaway from the photo in the paper,’ one of them said.
    • The track and field events finally get under way today and straightaway two of Britain's best medal hopes are in action.


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    recta feminine