Translation of strained in Spanish:


tenso, adj.

Pronunciation /streɪnd/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(tense)

      (relations/atmosphere) tenso
      (relations/atmosphere) tirante
      (face/expression) tenso
      (face/expression) crispado
      (voice) forzado
      • Several minutes of strained, nervous gazing about the room passed.
      • Alex's voice held a strained edge, sounding as if it would break any minute.
      • Before she can shake her head in strained resignation, Rhett Remiel steps up next to the table.
      • Here, for all her delicacy of phrasing, Arleen Augér's tones have a slightly strained quality, as though the work lies at the edge of her voice.
      • Her voice was strained and sad, shivered like an autumn leaf trembling in the wind.
      • But once the pallbearers had executed their duties perfectly in the full gaze of the nation, their strained faces were clearly shown to be glistening with beads of perspiration.
      • Far from the strained looks clearly visible on Glasgow's streets, Edinburgh shoppers were casually sauntering, even finding time to indulge in the Christmas market.
      • Meanwhile in Toronto, the mayor, with a strained voice, explains to irate restaurant owners why they're being double billed for garbage pickup.
      • The scientific controversy is beyond me, but I can recognize the fixed stare, the strained voice-throb and the rigid jaw of a madman at a hundred paces.
      • After a couple more exchanges like this, my voice becoming increasingly strained, he finally picked up the vibe that he was unwanted.
      • It was all we could do to keep up on our laden-down mountain bikes as he blazed a trail and made pleasant conversation in return for which we replied with strained grunts and squeaks.
      • In the street the other day, I saw a couple of new arrivals in town who had the strained features of people who might have just descended the south face of Everest.
      • Jamie growled to himself and lifted his hands in a tense strained pose, ready to strangle.
      • Of course, her strained silence, paled skin, shaking hands and lowered eyes did not betray her feelings.
      • The elevator ride seemed endless, full of strained silence and uneasy sideways glances.
      • There was an awkward and strained silence between them for a moment, but it was broken by a familiar female voice.
      • We sat in silence for several strained minutes, feeling awkward in one another's presence.
      • The strained, tense atmosphere made the house extremely uncomfortable.
      • There was a strained silence and when Helen spoke again, her voice suddenly lacked its formerly friendly tone.
      • Not a cheerful and easy class, not bubbling with the energy of youth, but heavy with the strained silence of fear!
      • There was a strained silence for a while and then in the distance there was a clap of thunder.
      • There would be a few minutes of strained silence as we were handed over from one parent to the other, all under the watchful eye of my aunt.
      • Henderson was smiling gently, but since her eyes were on the flickering candles, I couldn't tell if she sensed the strained silence.
      • The front door opened, interrupting the strained silence.
      • The strained silence between them was making her self-conscious.
      • After about a moment of strained silence he finally answered.
      • The strained silence had said more than they each ever could.
      • He was saved from the strained silence when she let out a victorious cry as the last splinter was caught between the tweezers.
      • He rarely stepped into the house and only for lunch, which was usually eaten quickly in strained silence.
      • We sat in a strained silence, our ears trained on any noise that was out of the ordinary.
      • I know that generally strained and stilted conversations can't really be described as compelling, but this was a unique situation.
      • He cried as he told me how she was alienating him from his children and how their previously fun times together were now strained and difficult.
      • The meetings between her parents were strained and uncomfortable.
      • The strained friendship has made for some awkward moments on the stand.

    • 1.2(unnatural, forced)

      (manner/humor) forzado
      (performance) afectado
      • ‘It's not every day something like that happens,’ he said with a rather strained smile.
      • Sam smiled a bit as the rest offered their own strained smiles and laughs to his amusing but rather frighteningly honest statement.
      • She doesn't look any different and she's actually wearing a rather strained smile.
      • In New York, this is tantamount to forking the maître d' in the eye, yet it is accepted with a strained smile as we are shown to our booth, the reservation intact.
      • My jaw dropped and a strained laugh escaped my throat.
      • People spoke in strained voices; laughed too long over old jokes.
      • Amy's mother gave Mrs. Kung a strained smile and nodded politely.
      • Darcy corrected him, still trying hard to keep the strained smile on her face, though evidently not trying hard enough, because it slipped at the corners when she spoke.
      • Sheldon just looked at him and smiled a small strained smile.
      • ‘Oh yes,’ I said with a small, strained smile, trying to cover up my moment of confusion.
      • Favian seemed to find nothing wrong with Hakkana's strained smile.
      • It was a strained, half-hearted laugh of a guilty prisoner, whose friend had just made a joke about the death sentence.
      • There was a strained smile on her face as she glanced at him.
      • ‘I wish I could be of more help,’ Lucinda said with a slightly strained smile.
      • Speaking of seeing through each other's eyes, I saw through his, as he swallowed hard and gave me a strained smile.
      • She hadn't seen Kenta much, but when she had in the last week he had been smiling nervously and in a strained manner.
      • Marcus didn't further agitate the strained conversation.
      • Perhaps the tension of the situation explained his strained look as the public gallery in Dublin Castle dissolved into laughter.
      • She nervously giggled but gave him a strained look craving an answer to her question.
      • It's a moderately fun party, spiced with bitchy gossip, confrontations that loom on the threshold of unpleasant and moments of strained intimacy.

  • 2

    (eyes) cansado
    a strained muscle un esguince
  • 3

    strained yogurt yogur espeso / sin suero
    • A bowl of strained strawberry sauce was put out to dip them.
    • Pour the strained liquor into a sugar-rimmed martini glass and garnish with lemon peel.
    • Pour the strained mixture into the chilled glass, then layer with more crushed ice.
    • Remove from the heat, whisk in the clarified butter, and add this to the strained cream sauce.
    • The strained juice ferments into an alcoholic beverage and is taken as a general tonic.
    • Add soy sauce, hoi sin and 150 ml of strained mushroom water, and toss well.
    • Remove from heat and add six litres of water and half a cup of strained lemon juice and stir well.
    • Gourds were used to contain the strained juices for fermenting.
    • Keep this strained wine in an air-tight container for another 22 days before use.
    • Stirring constantly, cook for two to three minutes before gradually adding the strained milk.
    • Females were induced to oviposit using an artificial crepuscular lighting period and strained water from larval pans as an oviposition stimulus.
    • Beat the eggs and egg yolks, then add the strained cream, cold or tepid, and sweeten to taste - but very mildly as the apricots will be sweet.
    • Pour cooled sugar-water mixture into aging container and add strained blueberry liquid.
    • Return the strained liquid to the saucepan and reduce to a thick syrup.
    • Gradually add the strained liquid, gently using a whisk to incorporate until smooth.
    • Add the strained liquid and the hot stock and cook for three minutes, whisking constantly.
    • Pour the strained liquid over the lamb shanks and serve.
    • Jelly preserves are like jam, but use strained fruit juice rather than fruit pulp.