Translation of strange in Spanish:


raro, adj.

Pronunciation /streɪndʒ/ /streɪn(d)ʒ/

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adjective stranger, strangest

  • 1

    it is strange (that) es raro que
    the strangest thing happened to me yesterday ayer me pasó algo de lo más raro / extraño
    • what a strange thing to say! ¡qué cosa más rara de decir!
    • the strange circumstances surrounding her death las extrañas circunstancias en torno a su muerte
    • you're/she's a strange one mira que eres raro/es rara
    • It is strange how ideas such as these last almost as long as brick and mortar buildings.
    • It was strange how the country air smelled so different from the city air.
    • It is strange how such concealment goes hand in hand with record-breaking council tax rises.
    • It is strange how educationalists so often look at things from the wrong angle.
    • It is strange how even when it all comes to an end you never stop loving those people.
    • But these guys hear voices and have strange ideas that they can't explain themselves.
    • The twins were very young, and they wanted their grandmother to explain this strange wind.
    • At that time, the three of them could not explain how this strange feeling came about.
    • I did not think there was anything strange, unusual or threatening in what he said.
    • One company was so surprised at the strange story, they rang The Times to check it was not a hoax.
    • It is all a little unusual and strange because there is a more practical aspect of its relevance.
    • The stage has been strange somehow, difficult as regards concentration and with a lot of dust.
    • It was strange, it was unusual and to be honest, it was a little bit frightening.
    • A few days ago, a cop had come to our door to explain the strange incident with Nick's dad.
    • He is always accusing me of having strange ideas about what word should be stressed.
    • She had to find out what it was, and she had the strange idea that he would help her.
    • I decided to persevere with my list of questions, provoking a strange response.
    • At the same time, it goes far to explain why we engage in these strange games with them.
    • I found that explanation very strange and I don't understand why I was sent there.
    • The effects of this strange publicity campaign were not difficult to miss.
  • 2

    • 2.1(unfamiliar, unaccustomed)

      (faces/handwriting) desconocido
      I hate sleeping in strange beds no me gusta nada dormir en cama ajena
      • she was strange to city life no estaba familiarizada con la vida de la ciudad
      • to taste/smell strange saber/oler raro
      • You can imagine an alien civilisation observing this strange scene and finding it fascinating or amusing.
      • This is by no means strange and alien terrain for the Bank of England.
      • Anyway, at the point I left the house there were no strange alien calls and it was still dark.
      • Two evenings this week, I have encountered strange weather whilst driving home from work.
      • I opened up the jiffy bag and inside were four pink hard back tomes with some strange alien language on the cover.
      • Indeed, whenever he visited a strange town his first port of call was always the local cemetery.
      • He looked at it as though it were some strange alien object that he had never seen before.
      • For such speakers, Latin had always been a strange, alien, and bookish tongue.
      • This can be explained by the fact that Europeans found Africans to be alien and strange.
      • To be honest, the dishes sounded so strange and unfamiliar that I was stumped as to what to order.
      • I value it, and it is special, deeply special, and strange and unfamiliar, and very precious.
      • For many bank customers, digital banking is no longer a strange or unfamiliar term.
      • Acceptance of the strange and unfamiliar is not a leap that depends on logic alone.
      • They converse in strange tongues, using words and expressions that are totally alien to me.
      • Granted, some of the strange new places to be visited were not glamorous, precisely.
      • She heard the call of some unknown, strange bird in the boughs as she was led into the jungle.
      • For these humans the picture only represents a strange object, nature and function unknown.
      • When a member of the household is sick our lives are rendered strange and detached from the world about us.
      • Cambodian music may sound somewhat strange at first to those who are unfamiliar with Asian music.

    • 2.2 literary (alien)

      in a strange land en tierras extrañas
      • a strange language una lengua foránea


  • 1

    he's been acting strange lately últimamente está de lo más raro