Traducción de strangulate en Español:


estrangular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈstræŋɡjəˌleɪt/ /ˈstraŋɡjʊleɪt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (vein/intestine) estrangular
    strangulated hernia hernia estrangulada
    • Amniotic bands that connected a hypocoiled cord to the fetal neck and strangulated the neck were seen in one case.
    • Acutely strangulated haemorrhoids occur as a result of thrombus formation resulting in gross swelling, irreducible prolapse, and severe pain.
    • Pain is not common but can occur when the pile is strangulated or clotted.
    • If a child was doing it, it could encircle and strangulate part of the body and that would interfere with the blood supply.
    • He subsequently underwent surgery to remove six feet of small intestine, which had strangulated itself because a benign tumor of fat cells that restricted blood flow.
    • He said the defendant decided to do away with her cousin when she could not repay the loan, and had her strangulated, by two close aides.
    • These can get caught on objects and strangulate the child.
    • His best feathered friend is an adopted Canada goose named Gilligan that he saved from strangulating in a fishing net, an ongoing love affair that will soon become a children's book.