Translation of strapped in Spanish:


Pronunciation /stræpt/ /strapt/


  • 1

    to be strapped for cash andar corto de dinero
    • Does it seem like they're all pretty strapped right now?
    • A handful of cash - strapped airlines are trying a new route to cut costs.
    • It is the kind of football architecture you might expect from a strapped - for-cash English second division ground.
    • For one thing, nothing is guaranteed in the financially strapped airline industry.
    • Sheth was a financially strapped student when he married his wife Madhu.
    • Investors will want to hear how he is managing the group's strapped finances.
    • It would also drain resources from strapped states and charities.
    • This soaring prison and jail population is a huge expense for financially strapped state and local governments.
    • Along with the big price tag came a belated recognition that a strapped U.S. could not bear the burdens alone.
    • That makes them an attractive option for states with strapped budgets looking to reduce prison costs.
    • Do we boost public spending by helping fiscally strapped states and cities?
    • Car buyers weren't so strapped last quarter that they couldn't take advantage of a good deal.
    • The 45-year-old doctor ran a locum agency providing cover for cash - strapped hospitals.