Translation of strapping in Spanish:


robusto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstræpɪŋ/ /ˈstrapɪŋ/

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    • It was a very difficult time, but they are both strong strapping children now.
    • You know the type: big strapping dude, centre of attention, the person everyone looks to for approval and the one without whom nothing important ever happens.
    • Jack, a tall strapping man, was a hurler of note, captaining Kilgarvan when they were defeated by a disputed point by a Tralee team led by John Joe Sheehy in the 1918 final, played late in 1919.
    • By having a strapping man say Katherina's words, it is not real and not naturalistic, so it gives the audience a jolt and makes the play double edged.
    • He has changed the face of golf from an image of chubby guys like Fuzzy Zoeller and Craig Stadler with few other athletic capabilities to that of a strapping man in the prime of his life.
    • John grew into a strapping lad with the makings of a farmer, and with this in mind he spent his fourteenth year living with relatives on their farm in Dunmore, Co. Galway.
    • He returned to Cameroon to visit in 2004, where even friends found it hard to believe that the strapping lad before them was the same scrawny kid who had seen his football dream shattered.
    • It was doubly surprising to those who remain convinced that the strapping James McLaren would be in his element if cast as an inside centre, whose primary job was to take the ball up.
    • Now 66 years old, Mona is a tall strapping woman who was once a man.
    • Thankfully, I never discovered whether this gang of kids were bluffing or not because a strapping man who had been drinking in the pub opposite sauntered onto the street.
    • Fifteen years on, thanks in large part to the 25 brave souls who put their careers on the line to be in at the beginning, the ailing infant has become a strapping teenager.
    • It seems there's a perception that it's a girlie programme, unsuitable for a strapping bloke with a shaven head.
    • But it's not just Liam, now a strapping teenager, who is beaming on the pictures.
    • He was mad about football but not a strapping lad by any means, so he liked the notion of doing anything that would make him stronger.
    • If it was some tall strapping guy who seemed to be her boyfriend, he would just leave and never call her again.
    • The princess was led up the aisle by her groom's younger brother, Henry, Duke of York, a strapping boy of ten, more solidly built and more vigorous and outgoing than Arthur.
    • There was a fine strapping man, I would have thought in his late 20s or early 30s, lying outside O'Neill's shoe shop.
    • The thing was, both Richard and Howe were big, strapping guys.
    • He was a strapping lad with broad shoulders and quite tall.