Translation of strategic in Spanish:


estratégico, adj.

Pronunciation /strəˈtidʒɪk/ /strəˈtiːdʒɪk/

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    • In the 15th century artillery emerged as a strategic weapons system.
    • They became too much an organ of the Nazi Party and were used more for its own ends than to help fulfil strategic military objectives.
    • The militants intend to take further advantage of a wider information operations campaign as a strategic weapon.
    • What we need today is a leadership that is able to identify India's strategic interests clearly and tries to achieve them by navigating skillfully through these turbulent times.
    • Commanders need a plan, a tactical set of readiness indicators pointed toward achieving an overall strategic state of readiness.
    • It is extremely difficult to merge companies in general, but even more so companies that have been from their birth so identified with strategic national interests.
    • In light of these needs, Kennedy urged that Bulgaria should emphasise long-term strategic planning.
    • It is a 1, 000-year-old state with its own long-term strategic interests.
    • Implicit in his argument is the belief that American foreign policy flows from strategic considerations of national interest.
    • The change is not in profitability, the change is in the mutual long-term strategic interests of the United States and Pakistan.
    • This raises the question as to whether we in Australia is applying our limited resources in our best long-term strategic interests.
    • The Soviets achieve a long-desired southern strategic goal, isolating Turkey, opening a route to the Indian Ocean and the Eastern Mediterranean.
    • The cynical exploitation of international conflicts to wage war to achieve such a crass strategic end is what makes this war so immoral.
    • It means achieving the strategic goals for which we've gone to war in the first place.
    • It would also be in the nation's long-term strategic interests.
    • The French government's motives are bound up with the defence of its own diplomatic and strategic interests.
    • This is difficult to judge because diplomatic and strategic considerations are involved.
    • No longer would the Fort Limhi serve as a strategic location in Young's plan of last resort.
    • Imperialism depended on dominating, humiliating and exploiting others, and on drawing artificial boundaries for European strategic purposes.
    • This is a priceless strategic resource, and the Army's major contribution today to the formulation of national strategy.
    • I found that Michael Klare has written an uneven but topical text on strategic resources.
    • For Japan, the South China Sea and the waters off Taiwan are vital for transporting oil and other important strategic resources.
    • The beginning of the Cold War intensified anxieties about the nation's supply of strategic resources.
    • ‘Water is a strategic resource which needs to be consumed, therefore we can not afford to lose a drop, we have to save water’, the mayor said.
    • The key to this scheme for world hegemony is unchallenged rule over the Eurasian continent and control of its strategic resources, first and foremost, petroleum.
    • The objectives pursued by the United States involved the preservation of its access to strategic resources and geographical position.
    • In future, foreign companies will be allowed only a minority holding in firms applying for licences to tap and extract strategic resources like oil and gas.
    • The oil/gas recovery sector is also related to state security and involves strategic resources.
    • Not satisfied with military and economic dominance, they want to extend their empire and control more strategic resources.
    • This new relationship involves a direct exchange of strategic resources.
    • Elite groups are engaged in an internecine struggle for control of the continent's strategic resources.
    • So issues such as occupation, control over strategic resources and imperialism are never brought up.
    • Being the most important strategic resource in the world, it will continue to be what shapes the future.
    • When each failed to win control of the central state, the locus of conflict shifted to major strategic resources such as cities and ports, fragmenting the clan alliances.
    • Secondly, the US's determination to control the world's most strategic resources will lead to further invasions and occupations.
    • Europe cannot afford to allow an African head of state to make it look weak and foolish when the US is using its unparalleled military strength to stake a claim to strategic resources all over the world.
    • Is it feasible for a country like Namibia to procure a national strategic resource like petroleum from a single source?
    • Direct defense refers to the use of armed forces to thwart an adversary's attempt to capture or destroy possessions such as territory, population, and strategic resources.
    • The energy transportation systems of the Caspian region were originally designed and built to serve the strategic needs of the Soviet Union.
    • Several decades ago, the USSR developed nuclear weapons and strategic missiles.
    • During the Cold War, the threat of strategic attack using nuclear weapons dominated air force war planning.
    • Prior to WWII air power advocates considered strategic bombing to be key to breaking enemy production capacity and civilian morale.
    • The United States has spent a trillion dollars on nuclear strategic weapons, such as missiles, submarines and bombers.
    • It would provoke the antagonism of many Russian politicians and embolden those who were opposed to negotiations with the United States to reduce nuclear and other strategic weapons.
    • One could argue that such a missile defence system would bring about the abandonment of ballistic missiles as strategic weapons.
    • As regards economic factors, the submarine campaign had shut down Japanese industry before strategic bombing even started.
    • When we come back, a look at the history of hostage-taking as a strategic weapons of guerilla warfare.
    • Sullivan makes it clear that the Army Air Forces had a preference for strategic bombing, which is not surprising.
    • As a World War II bomber pilot, I appreciate the role of both tactical and strategic bombing in all-out warfare.
    • At the centre of the strategy was a commitment to strategic bombing, the long-range and independent assault on the economic and military infrastructure of the enemy state.
    • He is widely regarded as a leading proponent of strategic bombing to break the enemy will, and his philosophies echoed throughout the Cold War.
    • Ask yourself what you expect of strategic bombing, or more specifically, what is strategic bombing?
    • The book ends with a quick run through the use of strategic bombing since 1945.
    • A strategic weapon is not effective unless it can deliver the desired and verifiable results.
    • After all, NATO had declared their intention of bombing only strategic military targets.
    • In its main role as a strategic weapon, the payload would be a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead (not that it is suggested that the warheads were sold).
    • This included the strategic bombing of Halifax and first-strike use of poison gas, if necessary.
    • From May 1944, the strategic bombing of Germany entered a new stage, destroying not only war production, but also supply routes and oil refineries.
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