Translation of stratify in Spanish:


estratificar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈstrædəˌfaɪ/ /ˈstratɪfʌɪ/

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transitive verb stratifies, stratifying, stratified

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    • The continental crust is not stratified like the oceanic crust and so does not have a characteristic seismic velocity structure.
    • Some andesitic and felsic intrusions created a minor, stratified volcaniclastic component via hydrovolcanic eruptions.
    • The measured succession crops out continuously and is well stratified.
    • In northern Portugal, nicknames are extremely important as terms of reference that connote moral equivalence in otherwise socially stratified rural communities.
    • Within the socially stratified Graeco-Roman world the exchange of services were never voluntary, but always reciprocal.
    • The US is, finally, among the most socially stratified countries in the world.
    • The Copper Harbor Conglomerate consists of crudely stratified pebble-to-boulder conglomerate with thin beds of sandstone.
    • The correlation between the rigid, socially stratified school system in Germany and the tragedy of Erfurt was striking.
    • This switch can, in part, be accounted for by the marked fall in sea level noted above, whereby normally stratified conditions are likely to become more indistinct.
    • This supports the interpretation of Erba and Herrle that the abundance pattern of the nannoconids follows changes between phases of more stratified surface waters and those of enhanced mixing.
    • Published data from a lake and diurnally stratified river weir pool are used here to verify a minimum thermocline depth hypothesis proposed by others.
    • This field experiment was conducted in a deep, stratified lake that typically displays coexistence of multiple Daphnia species.
    • This contrasts with the lithological association recognized in the main parts of the Moine succession in which stratified calcareous rocks are absent.
    • The origin of ironstone can be thought of as a layer-by-layer replacement process of primarily stratified rocks that were subjected to shearing.
    • The predictor lakes were Trout Lake, a strongly stratified lake, and Allequash, a poorly stratified lake.
    • Even in socially stratified Britain, where he has always been able to hold a conversation with anyone so long as it is about fishing, shooting or gun dogs, he is accepted.
    • Turbulence within the thermocline of two thermally stratified lakes - Lake Biwa, Japan, and Lake Kinneret, Israel - was investigated using a portable flux profiler.
    • Many Cameroonians have a highly stratified social structure.
    • The major cultural and ethnic groups are characterized by a marked degree of specialization in labor that derives from their complex precolonial hierarchical, stratified social organization.
    • The system was stratified, but social mobility was possible.

intransitive verb stratifies, stratifying, stratified

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