Translation of straw boss in Spanish:

straw boss

ayudante de capataz, n.


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    ayudante de capataz masculine
    • He was a weaving-room straw boss at the cotton mill - a job which had been offered to my father because my mother's family owned enough shares in the company to snag him a supervisory position.
    • But a congressional straw boss said incredibly that he would only allow the alleged correction as part of yet another big tax cut with more goodies for the serious income brackets.
    • What piquantly captured the imagination of each, from competitor to consumer to straw boss to newly outsourced consultant, was how all-inclusive the bench warrant was.
    • He was assigned to "picking", then to "dragging", and then he was promoted to straw boss and told to supervise the other workers.
    • Is this man a straw boss or just a smart political operator?