Translation of strawberry in Spanish:


fresa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstrɔˌbɛri/ /ˈstrɔˌb(ə)ri/ /ˈstrɔːb(ə)ri/

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nounplural strawberries

  • 1

    fresa feminine
    frutilla feminine Bolivia, Southern Cone
    (large) fresón masculine
    strawberry field fresal
    • If you take soft fruit such as strawberries and cherries, protect them from the rigours of the road and from too much warmth.
    • Invest in a set of small plastic boxes for chopped fresh fruit, strawberries, grapes or cherries.
    • Ripening could also be controlled in strawberries and most citrus fruits, which do not respond to the chemical.
    • Libran foods and plants include many fruits - strawberry, peach, apple, autumn berries.
    • Fresh fruit, such as grapes or strawberries, can be dipped to make confections for immediate consumption.
    • They come in all degrees of alcoholic strength, sweetness, and fizziness and are popularly flavoured with such fruits as strawberry, peach, mango, and so on.
    • Next was fruits and strawberry / banana yoghurt.
    • New flavors include apple cinnamon crunch, chocolate raspberry supreme, strawberry yogurt and strawberry fruit crunch.
    • If kept in an airtight jar, the lavender sugar will last for months and can be used for sprinkling on strawberries or on sweet pies.
    • One of my companions was quite taken with the strawberry mousse, which was full of fresh strawberries and not too sweet.
    • The kitchen garden includes fruits, such as strawberries as well as plum and apples trees plus a variety of vegetables.
    • The results are discussed in terms of a putative role of this enzyme in the release of oligosaccharins from the strawberry fruit cell wall.
    • When she looked back to her breakfast, the last strawberry in he fruit salad was gone.
    • The scent of her hair was a mix of strawberries and tropical fruit, which he loved.
    • All these fruits freeze well except strawberries, which should be saved for the summer months.
    • Ripe cherry and wild strawberries expand into complex tar, porcini and oak flavors.
    • Net strawberries before the fruit starts to show colour, to keep off birds.
    • Sweet vanilla oak, supple tannins, pure cherry and wild strawberry fruit are its hallmarks.
    • She flipped her hair over her shoulder and he could smell the sweet scent of strawberries wafting up from it.
    • inside there was a punnet of rather soft strawberries sitting on top of a carton of half a dozen eggs.