Translation of strawberry mark in Spanish:

strawberry mark

antojo, n.

See Spanish definition of antojo


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    antojo masculine
    • The strawberry mark appears shortly after birth as a raised red spot that usually fades by adolescence.
    • What a luxury it would be to so many people if a strawberry mark was the worst of their problems.
    • My baby boy developed a strawberry mark soon after birth on the back of his head.
    • And, I'm not a doctor but I don't really think strawberry marks are due to him being premature.
    • Treatment for unsightly port-wine stains and strawberry marks has been greatly improved with the use of lasers.
    • This approach is particularly appropriate for the treatment of strawberry marks which often shrink by themselves.
    • I thanked her, and she looked at me, the strawberry mark pinker in the light of the candle.
    • Usually there is only one strawberry mark, but sometimes several come up at the same time.
    • If a lot of these strawberry marks occur you might want to consult your pediatrician.
    • The strawberry mark, for example, has a raised red surface and looks somewhat unpleasant for a period of time.
    • After the age of six months, the strawberry marks usually begin to shrink and fade.
    • Red birthmarks such as ‘port wine stain’ and strawberry marks and hemangiomas can be effectively and safely treated with the pulsed dye laser.
    • A few strawberry marks are larger and more obvious at birth.
    • Smythe's strawberry mark gave place to a disease of the skin which might have had a nervous origin and be susceptible to faith healing.
    • ‘They are sometimes called strawberry marks because they are red in colour with a raised appearance.’
    • They may also grow and then get smaller, sometimes in conjunction with a strawberry mark.