Traducción de stream of consciousness en Español:

stream of consciousness

monólogo interior, n.


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    monólogo interior masculino
    corriente del pensamiento femenino
    • Controlled yet so easily distracted, his camera eye acknowledges that existence is merely an ongoing stream of consciousness, intuition, dissociation.
    • It is a stream of consciousness where Benjy remembers events not in a chronological order but as free association brings them to his mind.
    • A stream of consciousness of wit and despair is matched by tips about reverse phone psychology; if you don't think about it the phone will ring.
    • Now, for beliefs to have the actual and potential consequences they do, it is not necessary that everything that you believe should be in your conscious mind, in the stream of consciousness.
    • How do these hypothesized moral-spiritual events take place in the experiential stream of consciousness?
    • I have an occasional experience in which I can see the subliminal at work in my own stream of consciousness.
    • I swallowed hard as the visions began to fade from my stream of consciousness and I became aware once more of my mother's presence.
    • And they're almost free-association, stream of consciousness.
    • I know this is all just stream of consciousness, here, but I think the human psychology behind it is the same.
    • Maybe I should start at an earlier point in my stream of consciousness.