Translation of street in Spanish:


calle, n.

Pronunciation /strit/ /striːt/

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    calle feminine
    (musician/theater) (before noun) callejero
    to cross the street cruzar la calle
    • I met him on the street me lo encontré en / por la calle
    • I met him in the street me lo encontré en / por la calle
    • it's on Elm Street queda en la calle Elm
    • it's in Elm Street queda en la calle Elm
    • the landlord put them out on the street el dueño los echó a la calle
    • they were left on the streets se quedaron sin techo / en la calle
    • the demonstration brought 20,000 people onto the streets 20.000 personas se volcaron a la calle para manifestarse
    • we took to the streets to protest against tax increases salimos a la calle a protestar contra los aumentos en los impuestos
    • to walk the streets andar / deambular por las calles
    • anyone could just walk in off the street and take it cualquiera podría entrar y llevárselo
    • the whole street turned out to welcome them todos los vecinos salieron a recibirlos
    • the Street Wall Street
    • to be on easy street estar forrado
    • if we get it, we'll be on easy street si lo logramos, nos forramos
    • to be on the streets hacer la calle
    • to go on the streets prostituirse
    • street map / plan plano de la ciudad
    • street people gente de la calle
    • It has become impossible to pass through streets and roads at night because of dogs.
    • Do you know how hard it is to walk through the shattered streets of my city and see how hard it fell?
    • The amount of chewing gum stuck on roads and streets around the country drives me up the wall.
    • He had had to make a conscious effort to learn the streets and roads in the city.
    • He was caught behind the wheel of a stolen car after a chase through the city's streets.
    • We shall also be holding a public march through the streets of York in the next few weeks.
    • There is a chase through the streets of the city that will blow what remains of your mind.
    • The streets of the cities and the roads of the country as a whole are dominated by workers and the poor.
    • It tends to focus on the city centre, with its wide streets and huge civic buildings.
    • You will find them in every hostel and roaming the streets of our major cities and towns.
    • It will be the first time that many streets in the town will have received this type of service.
    • He said extra police would be on the town's streets while the crime is investigated.
    • Mr Ellis said he hoped to set up a patrol group to watch over the village streets.
    • It should make it possible for commuters to be able to talk and text beneath the city streets.
    • He steps outside and heads into town and the streets are awash with frustrated fans.
    • Does the county council care nothing for our freedom to use the streets of our town?
    • The number of coffee shops in our city streets has multiplied in the last few years.
    • She was the second vice girl to be killed on the town's streets in less than six months.
    • It might take the form of a large open space, or be held along one or more streets of the town.
    • Groups of youths roam the streets at night but there are not enough police to keep an eye on the place.