Translation of street door in Spanish:

street door

puerta de (la) calle, n.


  • 1

    puerta de (la) calle feminine
    (of apartment block) puerta de (la) calle feminine
    (of apartment block) portal masculine
    • He gets out of the street door and walks around to the sidewalk door, opens it and pulls his female companion out by her hair and dumps her to the ground.
    • Bryan alleged that as he and Rebecca approached, Mawhood and Mr Gilchrist were kissing and cuddling at their street door, but Rebecca claimed the couple were having a short argument.
    • It's a fabulously grand home - even though you approach the street door down a narrow alleyway hung with washing - but they're not grand about it.
    • When they unlock the street door, they take the puppy off its leash.
    • My job at the food importers started at seven, and the street door of the overflow hostel was not unlocked until seven.
    • Viola ducks away from him and blunders blindly out of the street door, in tears.
    • I got off to a bad start when I couldn't figure out how to open the street door to the restaurant.
    • I heard his little steps hammer up the stairs, but Marissa must have picked him up, for there came a great howling under the door, and it was abruptly cut off by the street door crashing shut.
    • Follow me in five minutes; and don't knock at the street door.
    • As soon as the street door opened every news camera in the southern hemisphere hit the lights and reporters started yelling questions.
    • A downstairs neighbour let them in through the street door.
    • Soon a fan the size of a card table is pulling the bad air out the street door.
    • When we go out, we transit the same doors but use fewer keys-the elevator and the street door lock behind us.
    • As he was in the lead, Astor pulled the street door open for Maddox.
    • Most of the street doors were wide open, and through them I stepped straight into the front parlour.
    • Nowadays, especially in cafes with large street doors, they are just as comfortable as you are - perhaps more so: no waiter is going to present them with a bill.