Translation of streetlight in Spanish:


farol, n.

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    farol masculine
    farola feminine Spain
    • His wallet's in the front, and she takes it over to the kitchen window, so that she can leaf through it by the light from the street lamp across the road.
    • I must have looked odd, sitting there, the light from a street lamp illuminating my pale complexion, my black hair clashing meanly with my skin.
    • The combination of the clear shade of rain drops along with the bright white light from the street light in the parking lot beam into my eyes as I sit in the darkness of the car.
    • A glimmer of light from a street lamp bounced back at him.
    • There was a vague light from a street light overhanging the rear of the house.
    • The cell measures the level of light and sets the street light to come on and go off at fixed levels.
    • Even though they were only illuminated by the light from a street lamp, the length of the exposure allowed him to use a tiny aperture and get magnificent depth of field.
    • A single tear ran down her face, shining bright in the hellish sky, reflecting the nauseating light from the street lamp.
    • The men pursued them, so when Palmer got under the light of a street lamp, he quickly pulled out the gun he was carrying in his backpack.
    • Residents in Swanley say they are being targeted by car criminals because a street lamp designed to light their cul-de-sac does not work.
    • She was perfectly lit from a street light above her.
    • But why are all my lights off and the street light still on?
    • He was right, of course, and standing there in the dark, with just a street light to light us, I felt a weird desire to get to know him.
    • Stepping into a ring of light provided by a street light, he leaned back against the pole, wanting her to take her time.
    • The only light was from the street light shining in from the outside entrance beaming in through the clear door.
    • I walked briskly up the driveway of Sean's house, the street light illuminating me.
    • And then she came closer and was lit up by a street light, and Dwayn saw who it was.
    • The defendant parked a lorry overnight on a dual carriageway under a street light with its lights on.
    • As she falls, the street lamp illuminates her face.
    • She looked at her watch using the light of a street lamp.