Traducción de strenuous en Español:


agotador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstrɛnjuəs/ /ˈstrɛnjʊəs/

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  • 1

    (requiring effort)
    (activity/exercise/game) agotador
    (activity/exercise/game) extenuante
    • He will make strenuous efforts to make sure that no criminal act on the inside, or the outside, can be traced back to him.
    • To mitigate this perception, strenuous efforts are being made to engage local people.
    • It is also making strenuous efforts to recruit new staff and train unqualified employees.
    • The Church has also made strenuous efforts to ensure young people can become more involved.
    • Some doctors have made strenuous efforts to address this notoriously difficult area with further training.
    • I would have been able to get rid of the cart, but it would have easily hung on until I made a strenuous effort to get rid of it.
    • Europe has made strenuous efforts to bring the Balkans into its economic and political orbit.
    • The efforts were equally strenuous behind the scenes as officials tried to impress foreign investors.
    • Older and wiser now, he is making strenuous efforts to get out his side of the story early and often.
    • In spite of strenuous efforts, it is still perhaps China's most serious problem.
    • If the condition clears up quickly, ensure that the child avoids strenuous exertion for at least a week afterwards.
    • We would use every ounce of effort we have to oppose it in the most strenuous manner.
    • The waters around Pitcairn are fierce and turbulent, with diving made strenuous by the strong currents.
    • The idea that you should hold your keen pupils back to make life less strenuous for a secondary school teacher is monstrous.
    • It's a fairly strenuous activity, but only needs doing twice a year.
    • The walking was a little strenuous, but it was just too beautiful to miss.
    • The most strenuous thing I've done all day has been to mow the lawn.
    • His many handicaps have not deterred him from taking these strenuous trips.
    • There is no strenuous exercise involved and no special equipment is needed.
    • Warming up before beginning strenuous exercise is a must for every athlete.
  • 2

    (active, ardent)
    (denial) vigoroso
    (denial) enérgico
    (opposition) tenaz
    (supporter) acérrimo
    despite our strenuous efforts to locate them a pesar de nuestros denodados esfuerzos por localizarlos