Translation of stressy in Spanish:


preocupado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈstrɛsi/

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    • I'm coming home from a really stressy day at work.
    • Those that won't go forward, or are tense and stressy, suddenly become very relaxed.
    • So I was right, today continued to be a stupidly stressy day.
    • I tell her I think I would be stressy too if my girlfriend was hanging around in New York with Lenny Kravitz.
    • So it's not me being stressy and loopy.
    • Meanwhile, work is getting stressy again.
    • Work is much less stressy now.
    • So your personal recipe for a less stressy week is this: Unless people specifically ask for your opinion, try not to offer it.
    • This effect has been exacerbated because the artistic mission of almost every artist these days is to get scarier, a reflection of the stressy and random world in which we live.
    • I'm tired and a bit stressy.
    • It was quiet and not stressy.
    • Everyone was stressy although god knows what they had to stress over.
    • It was the stressiest night I've ever had at work.
    • Paula and myself were probably quite stressy to be around: young, difficult and big-headed.
    • I have a reasonably stressy job.
    • I am feeling like I have things to say but not in a sad or stressy way.