Translation of stretcher-bearer in Spanish:


camillero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈstrɛtʃər ˌbɛrər/

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    camillero masculine
    camillera feminine
    • He was left for dead at a hospital clearing post but fortunately was heard to make a sound by one of the stretcher-bearers carrying out a body from the medical aid post tent.
    • Bandsmen are professional musicians who act as stretcher-bearers in the event of war.
    • The ship's crew became volunteer stretcher-bearers instantly.
    • On numerous occasions he withdrew from the front line under heavy fire to summon medical assistance for the wounded and returned acting as a guide to stretcher-bearers.
    • Not even the sight of stretcher-bearers has dissuaded referees from rubbing salt into the wounds down the years.
    • They offered their services and trained as stretcher-bearers to support the expected medical casualties.
    • The refugee column was attacked by German planes, and the stretcher-bearers ran off, leaving Mitterrand lying on the road looking up at the German planes in the sky above him.
    • They report the body to the stretcher-bearers and move on.
    • Many will take their inspiration from the words of young soldiers like Caleb Milne, a stretcher-bearer killed by a mortar round on May 11, 1945, while giving first aid to a wounded soldier.
    • But with the declaration of war Coles felt that he had to volunteer, and was sent to Flanders as a stretcher-bearer, generally regarded as one of the most dangerous of all assignments, constantly exposed to enemy shelling.
    • Bridges, the Australian commander, Simpson, a brave stretcher-bearer, and hundreds of other Australians were dead within a month.
    • And so they deployed him as a stretcher-bearer rather than as a combat soldier.
    • I went over the crest with my orderly, asking the stretcher-bearers to follow at intervals so as not to attract fire.
    • The stretcher-bearers felt a deep sense of personal loss if their patient died, such was the bond formed over the mountains.
    • In charge of triage, I went out into the forecourt to direct the stretcher-bearers.
    • When the stretcher-bearers put him down, the covering was pulled back.
    • Erskine, the Quaker, offered to serve as a stretcher-bearer, but the British Embassy refused to repatriate people not prepared to join the armed forces.
    • Léger enlisted in the army and served as a sapper in the front line, then as a stretcher-bearer.