Traducción de stricken en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈstrɪkən/ /ˈstrɪk(ə)n/

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  • 1

    stricken with sth
    • The stricken look on his face tells us that the narcissist has no answer and never will.
    • Instead, I took one look at your stricken face and ran all the way to Piccadilly Circus.
    • Less than a full hour into my set, the club owner burst into the DJ booth, a stricken look on his face.
    • Seth caught a brief glimpse of her tear stricken face before she ran past him.
    • A stricken look crossed her face, and the danger to her and Bella really struck home.
    • He had a pale, stricken look on his face by the time we reached the school's spacious hall.
    • One of the most arresting images in this exhibition is the stricken face of a young woman.
    • With a final stricken look at his uncomprehending face, Olivia steps out into the rain.
    • Still she saw the stricken look on Ali's face and tears came to her eyes.
    • When she opened her dark eyes they glistened with unshed tears, round in her pale and stricken face.
    • He collapsed onto another chair and covered his tear stricken face with his hands.
    • Casting one last stricken look at her, he ducked his head and ran towards the door.
    • Christy looked up at him and gave him such a fear stricken look that he felt powerful.
    • His face was stricken with age, profound ringlets encircling his deep golden eyes.
    • Her face was stricken with fear until she calmed down and saw that we were on her side.
    • He looked as stricken as I felt, remorse and guilt printed subtly on his patrician face.
    • Brian's face took on a stricken appearance, but he turned and walked off without a sound.
    • The young man looked stricken and alarmed, jumping up quickly to hold out a hand.
    • The young woman paled, her expression stricken as she looked down at his daughter.
    • Her voice was stricken with sadness, but I could also sense that she was worried.
  • 2

    (vessel) (damaged) siniestrado formal
    (vessel) (damaged) dañado
    (area/valley) (devastated) damnificado
    (area/valley) (devastated) afectado
    an area stricken by frequent floods una zona azotada por frecuentes inundaciones
    • the industry has been stricken by the recession la industria se ha visto afectada por la recesión
    • The pressure of school tests is forcing children stricken with serious infections into school to sit exams.
    • God, whose plan is ineffable, foreordained that the heart of Jesus would be stricken with seven afflictions.
    • She was stricken with immense pain and she immediately covered the injured optic orb with her hands.
    • Though twice stricken with paralysis, he labored steadily until the fall of 1832.
    • Years afterward, the same nobleman's son who was saved from the bog was stricken with pneumonia.
    • When my dad was just a boy he was stricken with polio and forced to stay in a hospital for several years.
    • In the days before her death she deteriorated quickly after being stricken with pneumonia.
    • Later he was stricken with grief for his mother, who died after a long slide into dementia.
    • Then in 2001, she was stricken with a yearlong illness and as a consequence lost her job.
    • Unfortunately, she was stricken with typhoid fever the second month in service.
    • He began perspiring, his hair stood on end, and he was understandably stricken with fear.
    • Two men stricken with the plague were going from merchant to merchant begging.
    • She glanced over her shoulder, stricken with a new feeling of jealousy.
    • Suddenly stricken with the urge to reach out and touch him, she did just that.
    • The weather was poor, and Henry's army was short of provisions, exhausted, and badly stricken with dysentery.
    • Anchorage and Oakton were stricken with fire, enclosed in a vast terrain of darkness.
    • So it is in the dog days of August when we are stricken with the feeling that there's nothing new under the sun.
    • He tried to protest, but he found that the right of him was stricken with sharp, slicing pain.
    • Thomas was stricken with a headache so bad that it necessitated his removal from the flight.
    • There's the dashing hero, a former pilot stricken with impending blindness who stoically refuses to be pitied.
  • 3

    (community/families) afligido
    (community/families) acongojado
  • 4arcaico, literario

    (soldier/deer) herido