Translation of strike pay in Spanish:

strike pay

subsidio de huelga, n.


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    subsidio de huelga masculine
    subsidio de paro masculine mainly Latin America
    • Morris refused to make the strike official, award strike pay or call solidarity action.
    • Suddenly strike pay was withdrawn from TGWU members taking selective action.
    • They had not only agreed to back the strike on a nearly unanimous vote, they had also agreed to continue paying strike pay.
    • But beyond strike pay and food donations, the strikers have been left to fend for themselves by the New Jersey AFL-CIO.
    • Despite the fact that strikers have received their last paycheck and do not receive strike pay, spirits are still high.
    • The union refused to give out strike pay and made no effort to back the strikers with food or other forms of support.
    • Our pay is so low that when we start drawing strike pay it will represent a wage increase.
    • Then they would collect unemployment benefit as opposed to strike pay from the union.
    • The workers had no strike pay and had to rely on solidarity collections.
    • Aliant operators, technicians and clerical staff in the four Atlantic provinces have been living on $50 a day in strike pay since April 23.
    • The nursery nurses get £15 a day official strike pay.
    • His members are now on strike pay only, which ranges from 60 euro for part-time workers to 95 euro for those who were employed full-time.
    • Unfortunately, because this is a lockout, the workers are receiving no strike pay and it has been difficult for them to keep regular pickets going.
    • PCS members in London are now demanding that they are called out to join the selective action with strike pay within the next two weeks.
    • With strike pay at $100 per week, few bus drivers will be able to stay out indefinitely.
    • Guaranteeing minimum strike pay is vital to stepping up the action.
    • The journalists are getting strike pay, and are raising funds locally.
    • They held mass meetings to discuss the strike, keep everyone up to date, and sign up for strike pay.
    • A main reason for the 70 percent acceptance vote was the financial hardship faced by strikers, who received only $115 a week strike pay.
    • The caretakers are currently receiving £10 a week strike pay.