Traducción de string vest en Español:

string vest

camiseta de malla, n.


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    camiseta de malla femenino
    • There's much more to the whole business than a string vest, three huge sweaters, and an oilskin.
    • She changed into black cargo pants, a sturdy pair of black trainer-type shoes, a purple string vest and tied a black sweater around her waist.
    • I suggested we hire a balding midget, put him in a string vest and trousers, give him a water pistol and wedge him into the air ducts.
    • As he came closer, I could see that he had an impressive moustache and was wearing a string vest and a battered cowboy hat.
    • He is a send up of the derogatory stereotype of the poor Glaswegian: frequently drunk, determinedly idle and none too clean in his string vest.
    • Neighbours who had seen him strutting up and down his street in a string vest doing Freddie Mercury impressions were astonished.
    • One of them is wearing Calvin Klein boxers and a string vest.
    • To fit in I am planning to wear a string vest, swig from a bottle of whiskey and loudly chant the lyrics to a couple of Marti Pellow songs.
    • It is also very unlikely you will come across anyone sporting a string vest and a can of strong lager here.
    • He wore a string vest, had upper and lower arm tattoos, a thick gold chain and Irish accent.
    • Faye holds up a tight pair of trousers on Nikki and a string vest with the number 56 on it.
    • He is wearing nothing but shorts and a string vest through which some of his ribs are clearly visible, matchstick arms firmly crossed against his chest.
    • If Martin Ferris turns up in a string vest, we're boycotting the place.
    • Innocent Tandema, a young man in a khaki string vest, his neck adorned with beads, said he was 21.
    • All eight pairs of underpants, four shirts, four string vests and three drip-dry slacks were burned to ash.
    • Cut-off shorts and string vests were the required costumes for young women performers in Cartwright Follies at the Library Theatre.
    • Pattison says there will be no string vests in sight.
    • Andrew was ordered not to wear string vests, and not to embarrass her with stories of her youth.