Translation of stringed in Spanish:


de cuerda, adj.

Pronunciation /strɪŋd/


  • 1

    (instrument) de cuerda
    a twelve-stringed guitar una guitarra de doce cuerdas
    • Alternatively, nylon stringed guitars offered superior playability and greater scope for advancement.
    • The Belembautuyan, made from a hollow gourd and strung with taut wire, is a stringed musical instrument native to Guam.
    • What other stringed musical instrument was well-known to the people of Bible History?
    • Within half a year, he began to talk to others and had begun to master a Tibetan stringed musical instrument, said Kronenberg.
    • They can be heard here, and I can imagine many listeners being surprised to learn that they are hearing a stringed instrument.
    • See artisans at work making these beautiful stringed instruments.
    • There are two sure ways of making a fortune in art: buy an undervalued old master, or a Cremona stringed instrument.
    • At the back of the church were a robed choir and musicians making a quartet of stringed instruments.
    • Few man-made commodities have risen in value on the scale of stringed instruments.
    • Can women punch out hot licks and melodic riffs on a six stringed fretboard?
    • The dance is normally accompanied by a singer, drummer and one or two musicians on stringed instruments.
    • The stars twinkle like so many stringed sitars.
    • Traditional Emirian music has a strong drumbeat accompanied by various percussion and stringed instruments.
    • One of the band members strummed a stringed instrument, causing a massive roar to come from the fan girls in the front.
    • The sounds of Indian hand drums - the tabla - float through the air along with a stringed sitar.
    • Some artists specialize in traditional music, accompanied by stringed instruments.
    • In mariachi music, stringed instruments are combined with trumpets.
    • A piano and stringed instruments were purchased and the family formed a string quartet.
    • The staging was simple with keyboards, two guitars, drums and a stringed quartet.
    • A single musician played a sprightly tune on a curious stringed instrument with two necks.