There are 2 main translations of strip in Spanish

: strip1strip2


deshacer, v.

Pronunciation /strɪp/

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transitive verb stripping, stripped, stripped

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (bed) (remove covering from) deshacer
      (bed) (remove covering from) quitar la ropa de
      (wood/furniture) (remove paint from) quitarle la pintura a
      (wood/furniture) (remove paint from) decapar
      (wood/furniture) (remove varnish from) quitarle el barniz a
      (wood/furniture) (remove varnish from) decapar
      we stripped the walls quitamos el papel de la pared
      • to strip sth away quitar / sacar algo
      • to strip sb (naked) desnudar a algn
      • we stripped the moldings from / off the walls le quitamos las molduras a la pared
      • stripped of its rhetoric, the speech has no substance despojado de su retórica, el discurso es insustancial
      • Next job is to strip the varnish from the neck, and sand it down to the wood.
      • They run out of beer by about 7pm so we then turned to the wine, which I'm afraid would have stripped the paint off any wall.
      • When the paint was stripped it revealed numerous scratches and old repairs.
      • In 1999, a man from Essex, southeast England, left four families on his street homeless while trying to strip paint in his house.
      • If we are to develop a more realistic sense of place we will need to strip the varnish from some cherished myths about our island world.
      • The aim of the study was to find a cheaper and less hazardous way of removing lead paint than stripping the paint off the walls.
      • Use caution when stripping the paint from the pilot/step castings, as they are very fragile.
      • Thinking quickly, Stephenson stripped the paint from his beer can, punched a hole in the bottom, and fixed it in place on the model.
      • I suspect that paint is being stripped in Wanganui.
      • All the paint had to be stripped and the corrosion rectified.
      • ‘He strips his own bed, does the vacuuming and makes his own pancakes,’ she said with a smile.
      • At least that sheet was there so it saved me stripping the whole bed off.
      • Bearing in mind I had just stripped the beds - why do we always want clean sheets ‘for Christmas’?
      • However, I had partially stripped the bed yesterday in my efforts to find it, but obviously had not gone down quite far enough.
      • Every morning each bed had to be stripped and remade with freshly ironed linen.
      • I noticed that when a patient was discharged the bed was stripped and wiped down with sterile cloth.
      • The bed had been stripped but she could fix that.
      • I stripped my bed of the familiar black bedspread and trudged back down the hall and to the stairs, after letting a loud yawn escape my mouth.
      • When she stepped out of her bathroom in new pajamas she quickly stripped her bed and pillow cases and replaced them.
      • He stripped the bed and rolled the soiled coverlet about the night dress.
      • The bed had been stripped all the way from the hangings to the bedwarmer.
      • Quickly, she stripped her bed of the pillows, sheet and quilt before folding it back into a settee.
      • He then stripped the bed of its linen and fetched new sheets and pillow cases from the closet.
      • I generally strip the bed and toss the sheets in the washer.
      • She hit the button carelessly and continued to strip the bed, throwing her many pillows onto the carpet.
      • Many other servants came in to strip the bed and put new sheets and comforter on her monstrous bed.
      • There is a scene at the end, after they have left, when the maid comes in to strip the beds.
      • Then I took down all the nets, washed them, stripped the beds and put up my new curtains.
      • The sandy looking topsoil is stripped back to reveal its history.
      • After the ependyma covering its ventricular surface is stripped away, the elongated caudate nucleus is exposed.

    • 1.2(remove contents from)

      (room/house) vaciar
      the deserted car had been stripped habían desmantelado el coche abandonado
      • the thieves stripped the shop bare los ladrones desvalijaron la tienda
      • A troubled theatre was forced to stay closed despite new managers taking over after it was stripped bare of its fixtures and fittings.
      • The geese pull plants up by the roots to feed on them, stripping the ground bare.
      • The house was stripped back to bare walls, rebuilt and extended during the first half of the 1990s and is now finished to a high, modern standard.
      • The day you announce they have been stripped bare, I'll buy you lunch.
      • There is no conventional set; instead everything is stripped bare and used in unconventional ways.
      • Many shops that used to display ample stock on the sidewalk were stripped bare.
      • There were fears that the three-day meet would literally strip York bare of (still-rationed) food and drink.
      • And it took just four days for those rabbits to strip Ben's plot bare of every one of his potential prize-winners.
      • The original interior has been stripped back to its bare shell and the exposed structure sandblasted.
      • Crowds of looters waited for it to beach firmly on a sand bank so that the serious business of stripping it bare could begin.
      • Inside, the rooms are stripped bare, and Anju fingers through some remaining books and papers.
      • I lugged the box to the bare, stripped living room.
      • This left the US-funded base to be stripped bare by locals.
      • Australian phosphate mining over the past decades has stripped the island bare.
      • The room was stripped bare but there was no doubt that it was at one time a child's room.
      • Greek temple pediments were stripped bare and the sculpture set into the pediments of temples in Rome.
      • The room was identical to their room, once inhabited, now stripped bare.
      • Many shops that used to display ample stock on the sidewalk were stripped bare.
      • The cockpit has been stripped to the bare bones and restoration will begin soon.
      • In February work will begin stripping the inside of the Midland House office block.

    • 1.3stripped past participleUS (without extras)

      (after noun) sin accesorios
      (after noun) sin extras
      it sells for $11,500 stripped se vende a $11.500 sin accesorios / sin extras

    • 1.4(deprive)

      to strip sb of sth despojar a algn de algo

      • to strip a company of its assets
      • Hitler immediately stripped Hess of all the ranks he held in the Nazi Party including being a party member.
      • Kangueehi this week announced that Botes has been stripped of all his powers as chairman of the body's Doping Committee.
      • Even then, Alucius would be stripped of most of his power.
      • When they got no answers to their questions they banished out mortal forms and stripped Lord Dread of his powers.
      • As of this moment, you will be stripped of any rank the Marine Corps might've given you.
      • Found guilty of treason, the Fire Master was stripped of his rank and was made an outcaste from the society of Valis.
      • The department reinstated her, but stripped her of her rank as sergeant.
      • Fine but if it does interfere I will be forced to strip you of your rank and I will take command of this ship.
      • If he didn't attend, King Thomas could strip him of his rank, which would cripple him magically.
      • For while it strips the president of apparent power, it also strips him of apparent culpability.
      • Initially, many old warlords resisted the wide-ranging reforms that stripped them of their powers.
      • He was then stripped of his gold medal and condemned by the media and public.
      • Whether the entire foursome will be stripped of their medals will have to be seen.
      • But his request was rejected because he was stripped of Japanese citizenship when the war ended.
      • Essex was executed; Southampton was imprisoned for life and stripped of his titles.
      • Ben Johnson originally won that race but was later stripped of his title for doping.
      • After that he was stripped of the captaincy and left out for six matches.
      • Another pro-nudism argument in poverty-stricken Brazil is that nakedness strips people of their social differences.
      • But then came a destructive burst that stripped the home team of the points.

  • 2

    Motor Vehicles Technology
    • 2.1(damage)

      (gears) estropear
      • Getting the screw out can strip the bushing threads in the frame.
      • Don't over do it, or you just end up stripping the screws.
      • I have mounted other things and it felt like you could not tighten things up without stripping the screw in the steel.
      • Her skating partner has stripped the threads in an axle, due to a fall, and now he has a locked wheel.
      • I'm not sure if the threads are stripped or what.
      • Cowger says that being young, naive and anxious to please, when he'd stripped a bolt he would write out a repair ticket.
      • Be extremely cautious as as you tighten the screws, so not to strip the screw holes.
      • After several attempts to make them fit, we stripped the threads.
      • Since the receiver is aluminum it is possible to strip out the threads if you go overboard with the hex wrench.
      • The factory that built your rifle knows how to disassemble it without stripping threads or breaking pins.
      • What if, after all those years of talking to Beth to hold onto his sanity, he'd finally stripped his gears?
      • Use quality tools and work with care so you don't strip the cleat bolts.

    • 2.2(dismantle)

      (engine/gun/car) desmontar
      • We completely strip your machine down to the last nut and bolt then rebuild ensuring every component works perfectly.
      • Johnny developed a life long love for fixing things and could strip a tractor down and put it together again.
      • Police who stripped the van found rope and black adjustable ties.
      • Directed to return to their units, the men responded by stripping the engines and airplanes of parts as souvenirs of the experience.
      • When Paul got to the shop, he stripped the car down to the bare chassis and inspected every nut and bolt.
      • They'd stripped the prototype engine out and were constructing a more refined version.
      • After taking a few hours to strip the car of everything they thought might be useful, they divided it amongst themselves.
      • Within minutes the squatters had stripped the car.
      • A market trader has told how he faces going out of business after overnight raiders stripped his van of £10,000 worth of goods.
      • Before starting to strip the engine we drained all the oil from the engine - noting a high metal content.
      • But the last week has seen six attacks on cars in north Ryedale, with the cars being stripped of their valuable badges each time.
      • After that the pistol was detail stripped and inspected again.
      • Those used in racing events are stripped apart and studied for tolerance, performance and ride quality.
      • You wouldn't have a clue, would you, until you pull it apart, and really stripped it down.
      • At the 5,000 round mark we field stripped the rifle and inspected it.
      • The more dilapidated eastern end of the Turbine building was partly stripped and cannibalised for other parts of the building.
      • It was partially stripped and disassembled, basically thousands of parts in boxes and no directions!
      • The engines for USA must be built before the Canada engines are used, let alone stripped and inspected.
      • Without using tools at all you can strip the chassis down considerably.
      • To remove the smell entirely, strip the insides of the car and steam clean everything.

intransitive verb stripping, stripped, stripped

  • 1

    to strip naked desnudarse
    • to strip (down) to one's underclothes quedarse en ropa interior
    • to strip to the waist desnudarse de la cintura para arriba
    • Realizing this, we strip off our clothes and dance through the yard.
    • Once I get home, I strip off my clothes, toss them into the hamper and shower.
    • On an impulse you strip off all your clothes, swim into the centre of the lake and turn onto your back.
    • Quickly stripping down to my underwear and bra, I dashed towards my closet.
    • The boys quickly stripped down to boxers and swan dived into the pond.
    • Chris grinned and quickly stripped down to his plain black boxers before jumping into the hot tub.
    • So they all stripped naked, this included all piercing, and placed their clothes on the table.
    • I stripped off to my boxers and curled up under the covers.
    • He had stripped naked in an attempt to free himself from the pesky pests.
    • I slowly strip off my clothes and get into the hot shower.
    • He was just going to wait for her to strip to her underwear.
    • I stripped off my clothes and stepped in to a waterfall of hot water.
    • Surely she didn't expect her to strip in front of a complete stranger.
    • Apparently he didn't want to strip in front of hundreds of screaming girls.
    • Despite his efforts, however, Gooden stripped to his underpants and jumped.
    • Is she the exhibitionist who stripped to her bra as she danced on the tables of pubs in Grimsby?
    • The Marine continued stripping, removing his belt.
    • First, the women stripped, removing all clothing, jewelry and glasses; they were photographed while the men stayed clothed.
    • I stripped sown to my bathing suit and ran towards the lake but I stopped suddenly at the edge.
    • He pulled out the warmest clothes he could find, tossing them on the bed before quickly stripping himself of his pajamas.
  • 2

    (do striptease)
    hacer striptease


  • 1British

    (no plural) colores del equipo masculine
    (no plural) equipo masculine
    they've changed their strip again han vuelto a cambiar los colores del equipo
    • This time he donated a strip to the school team in the town of Serekunda.
    • If the jogger was wearing the strip of the team they favoured, they stopped and helped.
    • In the United States, a team strip is actually called a uniform.
    • Unlike the vast majority of junior teams, our strips have squad numbers and names on the back.
    • He promises that when Sunderland win the Premiership, he will add a framed strip of his favourite team.
    • Ryan, a keen Manchester City fan, was buried in a team strip sent to his Holborn Street, Brimrod, home by the Premier League club.
    • This is reflected in their team strip - which is, um, pretty striking.
    • Shamutete also requested the firm to send new strips of track suits and jerseys to the national soccer team.
    • Are teams whose home strip is red more likely to win/stay up than teams in other colours?
    • And so the only colours that mattered to those taking their seats at Elland Road yesterday were white and red, the teams' strips.
    • This survey has subsequently been extended to several more strips by the same team.
    • ‘Our black strip has been a favourite with the team this season and it would be great if the public got behind them in this way,’ he said.
    • In a recent soccer tournament they were runners-up, but were the only team without a proper strip.
    • Spain are playing in a white strip with red trim tonight, while the hosts Portugal line out in their usual attire of red shirts and green shorts.
    • ‘It looks like we might have to play in the away strip,’ said club chairman, Mr Neil Spencer.
    • After their final the team was presented with boots, a football strip for the school, and their medals, by sponsor Adidas Predator.
    • Wigan are set to play in their black strip and the Bulls, as top qualifiers, have been allocated the home dressing room.
    • Deportivo are in their home strip of blue and white stripes, blue shorts and socks.
    • He also said companies in the textile industry could provide kit for the team in return for having their corporate logo on the strip.
    • The home side wore green jerseys instead of orange, and the unfamiliar strips reflected the performance they produced.
  • 2

    striptease masculine
    to do a strip hacer un striptease
    • You don't seem overly concerned in the strip with keeping up a continuous narrative.
    • Excuse self to find the ladies' room, indulging in a private strip for the mirror, just to see if I am sexy at all.

There are 2 main translations of strip in Spanish

: strip1strip2


tira, n.

Pronunciation /strɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(narrow piece)

      (of leather, cloth, paper) tira feminine
      (of metal) tira feminine
      (of metal) cinta feminine
      cut the pepper into strips corte el pimiento en tiras
      • This contains a thin, flat strip made of a layer of iron and a layer of brass soldered together, and bent into a coil.
      • Her hand trembled with the effort of keeping the metal sensor strip in place.
      • It is just a long metal strip with a little keypad and monitor on it that will fuse itself to your glove.
      • Sgt Smith said he later discovered the weapon was not a sword, but a metal carpet strip or carpet gripper.
      • The caster roll is used in the manufacture of metal plate, strip, sheet, or foil.
      • You press a remote control button on your pole handle and - voila - a thin metal strip extends from the sides of your skis.
      • Attached to the box was a long, metal strip that extended about twenty feet.
      • I grabbed onto the long strip of metal slipped through the handles of the door.
      • The island's butcher-block top is divided into two sections by an undulating strip of stainless steel.
      • She had it re-framed in a wide black frame with a narrow gilded strip at the sight edge.
      • The strip of metal was light enough on his shoulder and he could, for a while longer, ignore the steady drip of water down his neck.
      • The hold I had on my brother's hand got even tighter as the doctor began to gradually urge the thin strip of metal out of my body.
      • The tail has a raised appearance with large light clusters and that single metal strip gives it a very distinctive look.
      • Most noticeable were the metallic spheres, the red strip of indented metal in the center shining ominously when the light hit.
      • If she had felt the thick strip of metal down my side, she certainly would have been curious.
      • He hooked the leather-lined, broad strip of bronze around his corded-muscle mid-section.
      • ‘Not bad for your first time, Davis,’ Johnson says as I cross the metal strip that marks the end of the course.
      • A fully electronic unit, it consists of a wide, flat strip that extends into the tank, topped by a cap housing the electronics.
      • Wrought zinc and zinc alloys may be obtained as rolled strip, sheet and foil; extruded rod and shapes; and drawn rod and wire.
      • The driver nodded once and pressed a narrow strip of metal to the floor.
      • Carefully, she cut several holly leaves out of a strip of green paper and three berries out a piece of vivid crimson.
      • Tape a strip of paper or fabric ribbon around the jar.
      • Even without these boundaries, there are good visual and organizational reasons to put strips of commands at the top of the screen.
      • Place green salad on individual plates and top with chicken strips.
      • The top strip was blue so that the sky looked right, and the bottom stripe was green for any shots of grass.
      • Served on a bed of rice, this consisted of soft strips of veal topped with hot prunes, all liberally sprinkled with sesame seeds.
      • So, starting today, there's a new strip running across the top of the front page of this site for a phoneblog.
      • Place into bowls, and top with tortilla strips, cheese and chives.
      • They are good in sandwiches or cut into strips on top of a salad.
      • I eat cheese every day, so my favorite lunch is a thin-crust pizza topped with chicken strips.
      • The top and the decorative strip are characteristic of Chinese bells and commonly found on Choson bells.
      • Cut across the strips to produce a pile of very thin slices.
      • She flounced a few inches away, then began tearing strips off the sheet.
      • As they neared the hatch to the main section of the ship, he began to tear off strips and apply it over the cracks in the captain's helmet.
      • Pressing them on top of the cut, he secured them with the strips.
      • Then I placed two strips of 1/4-inch foam core between the top mat and the gold matboard.
      • The magnetic strip is read and used to produce a new card or buy goods online.
      • Initial tests of the strips have been successful when Devro's products have been compared with other brands.
      • She had on a pair of pale pink track pants, with grey running down the legs in two thin strips, a black top, and a blue jacket.
      • Then add several strips of cucumber next to the crab and on top of the avocado.

    • 1.2(of land, sea, forest, light)

      franja feminine
      • A riparian zone is a strip of land extending on average 10-30m from a designated river.
      • The island was narrow, a strip of land about twenty miles long, running in a north-south direction.
      • An area of 2,000 square metres is equivalent to a strip of land just 100 metres long and 20 metres wide.
      • This erosion hazard area is the strip of land that should disappear within the next 30 years, given the historical erosion rate.
      • In the villages most people own a strip of land and grow their own food.
      • The bitumen-surfaced path has been created by buying a strip of land along the edge of the field next to the road.
      • Grass buffers are narrow strips of land between the crop and stream.
      • Between each plot, there's a strip of no-man's land disguised as a hedge or a ditch.
      • Compared to a strip of land in Hungary, it's a cinch.
      • On Tuesday just six caravans were occupying a strip of land destined to house a £500,000 youth club and multi-use hall.
      • Cabinet Magazine would like you to buy a strip of land in New Mexico.
      • This had been a lake with a strip of land connecting the Welsh and Wexford coasts in the south.
      • Card can also be used for borders, with separate strips to define planting areas.
      • The most productive row crop fields occupy the narrow strip of flat land by the river.
      • In this sense, peasants were simply tenants who worked a strip of land or maybe several strips.
      • The Lido in Venice is a strip of land dividing the lagoon from the Adriatic, just a short vaporetto ride from St Mark's.
      • I began to slowly swim around, trying to find a strip of land on the horizon, but all that was visible was pure ocean blue.
      • In this case, the area was a strip of beach about a hundred yards long.
      • The other nine soldiers who had had nothing else to do had spent all day clearing out a strip of land for a runway.
      • We've taken 30 acres out of production already for double-wide waterways and filter strips.

    • 1.3airstrip

      pista (de aterrizaje) feminine

  • 2British

    tira feminine
    comic strip tira cómica
    • Steve also brings us our weekly strip cartoon Back Yard, which you can read on Page 20.
    • In lieu of an entry today, I give you this: the first strip in my new comic series, ‘Scutmonkey’.
    • Born in 1929, Han worked as a strip cartoon artist for the Shanghai Art Publishing House for decades.
    • Evidence from local people suggest the name came from a strip cartoon in the comic Dandy entitled Danny and his Grockle.
    • It consists of a series of pictures carved from alabaster, which read from left to right like a strip cartoon.
    • The Times took a few strips from the Mirror (Pogo was one) but cast the others adrift.
    • The book was an analysis of the capitalist ethic in Disney comics, illustrated with hundreds of strips.
    • There's more to it than Marc Bell, whose playfully obtuse strips and illustrations get most of the attention.
    • In lieu of that, there's always this reissue of the original strip in book form.
    • Tokaii's satire strips were the hit item of the erstwhile weekly magazine ‘Bichitra’.
    • Perhaps the paper might toy with the idea of further endorsing the country's cartoon talent with a full page of strips?
    • But there are some strips from the original comics that influenced him.
    • I sketched out a strip and this got me into the school.
    • Three times during the weekend, other cartoonists had to physically restrain him from creating a new strip.
    • His obsessive past-time of penning cartoons eventually paid off in 1977, when his strip, Life In Hell, debuted.
    • Lee, as you requested, here are some rough outlines of my next few strips.
    • Also, in the final strip, there's a fine caricature of a Wily's Overland, rather than the standard Jeep, which would have been easier to draw.
    • The first strip was published in 1992 in the Weekly Mail, which has since become the Mail and Guardian.
    • As revealed in the Evening Press, the change of image for the Minstermen includes plans for a new strip for next season.
    • The comic was originally designed so that it could be a Sunday strip in the newspapers, but that was not to be.
  • 3US

    (exit road)
    (con establecimientos comerciales, restaurantes etc.) arteria de salida feminine
    • Wesley high school stood in the middle of town just off the main strip of Wesley road.
    • Nelson agreed and they said goodbye as the Ryan women walked out into the main strip of town.
    • On weekend nights dancing, laughing and music can be heard spilling from the bars, clubs and restaurants that line the strip.
    • Sarah's favorite eatery was located not too far from Centreville's main strip - Acadia Road.
    • Galleries line Ocean Avenue, the town's main strip, but area museums are also a good bet.
    • The main pastime in town was cruising the strip, so we headed over there in the afternoon to see what we could find.
    • And since one of the slopes that slipped faced Miami's main business strip, everyone in town knew that the cows had saved the day.
    • But not all of Vegas' attractions are nestled on the main strip.
    • Heaving my own sigh of defeat, I led her out of the strip of town.
    • I had a big smile on my face and was practically skipping back towards the main strip.
    • As soon as we finished setting up our tent, we hightailed it to the main strip.
    • This is really the main strip in Biloxi, at least where the hotels and the casinos are.
    • We stopped and ate in a historically-rich diner joint in the main strip.
    • Instead of shooting each other, they ran around lining up cars on the main strip.
    • As they began to walk down the main strip Janine spoke up.
    • So next week The News will be coming from the Flamingo Casino on the strip in down town Las Vegas.
    • The nightclub was one of the newest on the main strip of Sunset City and bore the city's name.
    • There is an emergency command center in a hotel here right on the strip.
    • At Studio Bliss, a recently opened spa on the St-Laurent strip, you can double your pleasure with a four-hand massage or soak up a rain massage.
    • His dream is to make all the foreshores a continuous strip of over priced cafes topped with similarly overpriced apartments.