Translation of strip mall in Spanish:

strip mall

centro comercial, n.


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    centro comercial masculine
    (en calle de mucho movimiento) mall masculine Latin America
    • You might be interested to know that Off-Season Santa is located in the same strip mall as Fashion Bug, my old employer!
    • True, we're located in a dilapidated strip mall in a seedy part of town, but people have cars, don't they?
    • Baywater cafe was located in a strip mall, the other coolest place I like to chill besides my room.
    • She already has a mini pro shop of sorts set up at the front of the facility, which is located in a strip mall.
    • So I bundled the base up in a beach towel and headed for the small strip mall where the store was located.
    • Oh sure, it's on a busy street in a strip mall, but inside, you can enjoy the city's flakiest croissant and a real French café au lait.
    • Officer Brewster observed her using the telephone in a variety store in a strip mall.
    • I responded by pulling into the huge parking lot of the strip mall that contained the book store.
    • I opened a 5,000-square-foot store in a strip mall in Chicago in March 1997.
    • One just wants the old, reliable bar on the corner strip mall.
    • This is how my weekend began; my best friend is holding hostages at a cellular phone store in a nearby strip mall.
    • The strongest candidate to emerge was a place in the corner of the strip mall at the corner of Franklin and Chicago.
    • I walked all the way around to the front of the strip mall and into my bakery the customer way.
    • The diner was in the same strip mall as the coffee shop and they had lunch here frequently.
    • But once they got there, he kept going, straight down the strip mall to a small grocery store on the end.
    • There's a new Superstore, a new strip mall, and there's been an eleven-unit addition to a local motel.
    • This nondescript little store, located at the far end of a strip mall, houses a rainforest of beer.
    • Six weeks back from the trip, we're ensconced in a corner booth at a brightly lit restaurant in a strip mall in suburban Ellicott City.
    • They drove to Orchard Lake road in separate cars and met up again in the parking lot of a strip mall, in front of a deli.
    • I remember when my mom and I pushed a grocery cart from our apartment complex to a local strip mall.