Translation of stripe in Spanish:


raya, n.

Pronunciation /straɪp/ /strʌɪp/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(narrow band)

      raya feminine
      lista feminine
      a white shirt with blue stripes una camisa blanca con rayas / listas azules
      • I bought a black sleeveless Lycra shirt with yellow and white diagonal stripes across the chest.
      • A short-sleeved turquoise T-shirt with horizontal white stripes was found near her body.
      • I asked this young woman dressed in a black blouse and black skirt both of which had white pin stripes.
      • The car had a red stripe down both sides.
      • One mirror has a thick vertical fluorescent orange stripe of paint running up its center, the other a horizontal.
      • They were black with black laces and there were three metallic dark blue stripes on the sides of each shoe.
      • The left side consists of a black triangle with a horizontal yellow stripe flanked by two bright blue stripes.
      • He had earned the first black stripe on his Brown Belt.
      • Today's choice was sporting orange and black vertical stripes.
      • He pranced out and the first thing I noticed were the tiger stripes painted on his finger nails.
      • I'd rather have the old fatigue uniform than wear the proposed tiger stripes.
      • They are but odd shapes painted in zebra stripes which are galling to discerning motorists.
      • He wore a navy blue, three-piece pin stripe suit and a blood red tie.
      • The chain was fastened to the back of her collar, giving her a gleaming silver stripe down her back.
      • Also, stay away from patterns like polka dots, zebra stripes, and camouflage.
      • Drape the green ends evenly to form stripes down the side of the cone.
      • He was wearing a beige sweater with a stripe across the chest.
      • Alfalfa weevils are small green worms with a light stripe down the back.
      • He was black with searing neon green stripes down his back.
      • Be sure to calculate stripe width based on your room measurements.

    • 1.2Military

      galón masculine
      to get/lose one's stripes ser ascendido/degradado
      • The epaulettes on the choker tunic of his black naval uniform bore the four stripes of his rank.
      • He was being so proud in his uniform, showing the stripes of his rank and smiling that smile.
      • Rifle squad leaders and weapon platoon section heads donned staff sergeant stripes.
      • GEMs have also found their stripes in the military.
      • Ivy League diplomas and military stripes no longer predominate.
      • It doesn't help when officers decide to give sergeant stripes out to fill slots.
      • Since I always needed more money, I figured I needed to get my sergeant stripes.
      • There is a ceremony for bestowing the temporary stripes on students before the six-week period of general military training.
      • He wore a plain green uniform and beret with stripes indicating that he was an officer of the Army.
      • The Columbia's executive officer, the cuffs of his sleeves adorned with three solid yellow stripes of his rank, entered the foyer.
      • He stood up and tugged on his navy blue tunic and adjusted the cuffs of his sleeves, which bore the four gold solid stripes of his rank.
      • He glanced down at the admiral's stripes adorning his uniform and scoffed.
      • She straightened one of the epaulettes on his shoulders that bore the four gold stripes of his rank.
      • The black male had on an Army jacket with E - 6 sergeant stripes.
      • Mark stood in blue uniform with gold stripes on his collar and black weapons handing from his belt.
      • My sergeants had earned their stripes in Korea.
      • Three other Haitians arrived before he left and noticed his sergeant's stripes.
      • Mark stood in blue uniform with gold stripes on his collar and black weapons handing from his belt.
      • Within 2 1/2 years, I was proudly wearing my sergeant stripes.
      • Each bore a pair of stripes on his sleeve, color depending on what legion of mages he supervised.

  • 2

    people of all political stripes gente de todas las tendencias (políticas)
    • two women of similar stripe dos mujeres del mismo corte / tipo
  • 3 archaic

    azote masculine