Translation of strong in Spanish:


fuerte, adj.

Pronunciation /strɔŋ/ /strɒŋ/

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adjective stronger, strongest

  • 1

    • 1.1(physically powerful)

      (person/arm) fuerte
      (eyesight) bueno
      to have strong nerves tener (los) nervios de acero
      • to be strong ser fuerte / fornido
      • I can't lift it, I'm not strong enough no puedo levantarlo, no tengo bastante fuerza
      • Polar bears have a heavy stout body with strong muscular legs and well-developed neck muscles.
      • Get these out of the way while you're fresh and strong enough to use heavy weight.
      • The man facing them was taller than both by a few inches, and had strong, brawny arms.
      • In the end Lowery's experience and fitness proved too strong as he powered home to win 3-2.
      • Neesha, who is 26, looks physically strong and fit, but that is not true of all the young mothers in this shelter.
      • The county champions are so strong physically and playing such a brand of team football it is hard to see them beaten.
      • Always a fast walker, he had an animal energy, was physically strong and, although short, always filled a room.
      • Those who survived had to be strong, and both physically and mentally quick.
      • On the other hand, a slow physically strong team will prefer the confined spaces of a short narrow pitch.
      • Physically strong and mentally agile, he is very much active in the Home Guards.
      • He was physically strong, worked hard at labouring jobs or driving, and played hard too.
      • Its war-like roots predispose it to militarism and the rule of the physically strong.
      • The Italians have a huge pack and are physically very strong and hard-nosed.
      • Whereas the traditional Jews of the diaspora were frail, the New Jews were to be physically strong.
      • Like Ring, he had all the skills, but he was physically strong as well and had a head for the game.
      • He's physically strong, quick and can leap, and his distribution has been great.
      • One of my special powers is my strong body, but I have to spend time on maintaining it.
      • It might be a bit chilly in Moscow, the Scandinavians are strong physically though.
      • Their halfbacks are not physically strong and could be vulnerable if sides run at them.
      • Take exercise, keep physically active, and keep muscles as strong as possible.
      • Despite being paralysed from the neck down after a car accident, Clive was a strong and independent character, she said.
      • A man possessed of a strong independent spirit, he lived on his own in Derreens until his early nineties.
      • The new Bollywood stars are role models for them, strong, independent and bold.
      • They are strong and independent because they have to be, not because they want to be.
      • Her strong independent attitude comes through in her lyrics, as does her sense of humour.
      • And unless it is comprised of people with very strong nerves, success is doubtful.
      • Don't click on this unless you have Broadband and strong nerves.
      • She was a strong, independent person, and she didn't need a boy to boost her confidence.
      • Letizia is reported to be a strong, independent, responsible professional woman.
      • In other words, a woman can't be trusted to be strong, independent or rational.
      • So sitting on your hands, skipping 2003 and waiting for Longhorn could start to require strong nerves.
      • The nerves were so strong that she thought she might be sick at any moment.
      • Brienne and Lamoignon thought strong nerves would be enough to face out the clamour.
      • The two brothers are babes in arms at this time; they grow to be strong and independent.
      • They can even be an opportunity for those with strong nerves.
      • Indeed, those with strong nerves and plenty of money should consider buying.
      • It was typical of him in his heyday, so mentally strong, and not a sign of nerves.
      • In deference to her strong views and independence, Ames was cremated and her ashes were scattered with a few cannabis seeds.
      • Here was a man who appeared to be possessed of a strong determination and muscular power.
      • We have to take advantage of our strong cultural economy and give it the support that it needs.

    • 1.2(healthy, sound)

      (heart/lungs) fuerte
      (heart/lungs) sano
      (constitution) robusto
      you mustn't get up till you're stronger no te levantes hasta que no estés más fuerte
      • she's never been very strong nunca ha sido muy fuerte
      • Hmm, you've got to have a pretty strong constitution to whack down two uncooked eggs as Mr Hogg suggests.
      • And, frankly that would have any man with a strong constitution running for The Other Bus.
      • To explore the hole you needed a very long ladder and a strong constitution: it stank and was crawling with rats.
      • If you have a strong constitution, you can sample the two hilarious Intel ads here.
      • I had a good, strong and very robust constitution, perfectly able to take its nourishment from a vegetable source.
      • His body, too strong to surrender easily or quickly, gave up the fight for life slowly and reluctantly.
      • You can get sucked into one very easily if your not strong enough to stand against the gravity.
      • Mary easily forgot he was not as strong, but he would never admit to any weakness in front of her.
      • It thickens the blood, enhances the constitution, and makes a man as strong as a tree trunk.
      • But this cannot last long, even with people who have a strong physical constitution.
      • But they do not know if she is physically strong enough to survive surgery.

    • 1.3(firm)

      (character/leader) fuerte
      (leadership) firme
      you must be strong and resist temptation tienes que ser fuerte y resistir la tentación
      • Fear is a powerful motivator, and it takes strong ethics to resist the temptation to abuse it.
      • He said attitudinal change among the people is a strong weapon to defeat the cult of violence.
      • I resisted the strong temptation to tell him to go jump off a cliff, and kept quiet.
      • I had to resist the strong urge to wave to the public and nod my head royally at them.
      • I resisted the strong urge to test his brow for evidence of a high fever.
      • In both groups, the strongest predictor of negative out-group attitudes was intergroup anxiety.
      • FARMs status was the strongest predictor of math achievement, followed by reading skills.
      • In that study, researchers also reported a stronger correlation for males than females.
      • There is strong negative correlation between 0 and 0 and between 1 and 1.
      • A strong correlation was observed between age and the fluorescence pattern.
      • He refused to play down Pakistan's chances and call India the stronger contenders.
      • Event organiser, Dean Carson, expects Murwillumbah to be strong contenders once again.
      • "I lost to a very, very strong contender, " he said.
      • A grueling off season workout regimen should keep the Saints strong down the stretch.
      • The Finn's strong performance has also moved him up to second overall in the driver's championship.
      • What is a police state other than one in which police have strong powers not properly restrained by the courts?
      • The power of television is strong, and more of our sport is being exposed to new audiences every day.
      • The military force of the state was too strong for a spontaneous movement.
      • Of course it must be taken seriously but wherever I've been, security has been strong.
      • While players are with us, and representing the club, we have a very strong security.

  • 2

    • 2.1(solid)

      (material/construction/frame) fuerte
      (material/construction/frame) resistente
      the chair's not strong enough to take your weight la silla no va a aguantar tu peso
      • the strong ties that bind our two countries los fuertes lazos que unen nuestros dos países
      • By 1216 the castle was sufficiently strong to withstand a siege by forces opposed to King John.
      • Basically any pumpkin that is strong enough to withstand sharp carving tools can be used for making designs.
      • You are entitled to goods which are not faulty and are strong enough to withstand normal use for a reasonable period of time.
      • It is best to wear strong shoes and carry a warm jacket as the wind can be fresh at the top.
      • First, Bill found an old wooden ladderback chair that was well worn but still strong.
      • Are they strong enough to withstand an earthquake or a terrorist bomb?
      • They also realized the product had to be strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse.
      • So just what is it that makes these rally cars so strong, and so able to withstand every type of terrain imaginable?
      • The rubber used is durable and strong so as it will not tear, expand or warp out of shape.
      • Pakistani intelligence officials have described the bases as strong enough to withstand anything short of a nuclear bomb.
      • Their bones are very strong to withstand the underwater pressure.
      • Although they're very light, bones are strong enough to support our entire weight.
      • When dry, the box was strong enough to support heavy weights that were loaded vertically.
      • I used a strong epoxy glue to secure both the swivel and the brass rod in position.
      • Also make sure that your case, bag or whatever is strong and secure and lockable.
      • One material that is both extremely strong and extremely dense is depleted uranium.

    • 2.2(powerful)

      (country/army) fuerte
      (country/army) poderoso
      (currency) fuerte
      (economy) fuerte
      (economy) pujante
      she had strong reasons not to do it tenía poderosas razones para no hacerlo

    • 2.3(violent)

      (current/wind) fuerte
      a strong breeze was blowing soplaba una brisa fuerte
      • He slowly backed out of the stream before the rush became too strong to resist.
      • We've got a pretty strong south wind.
      • Although there was a very strong wind we managed a swim in the Atlantic.
      • The huge Oakwood tree's leaves rustle as a strong gust of wind blew.
      • Firefighters fought the flames throughout the night despite the strong gusts and torrential rain.
      • Heavy rain and strong winds combined to cause chaos across the region last night with the East Coast the worst affected.
      • The conditions at Telford Park were far from ideal for rugby, with a heavy pitch and a strong, gusting wind.
      • She said there would be heavy rain and strong, cold winds all day and a spell of snow in the afternoon, particularly over high ground.
      • The trees that topple with heavy rain and strong winds are done in by the cemented pavements that choke their roots.
      • Met Éireann issued a flood warning and advised of heavy rainfall and strong easterly winds.
      • Heavy rain, strong winds and lightening crashed through the town in selective patches.
      • In Taiwan, the strong winds and heavy rain from the typhoon have killed at least two people.
      • In spite of strong and heavy rain people went ahead with the annual Spring clean up.
      • On a day of strong winds and heavy rain, a more controlled game was required with continuity of possession being the key.
      • He's thinking of the fact that you have powers as strong, if not stronger, than his.
      • At this stage it looked good for the home team, as with a strong wind to their advantage they surely would win this game.
      • They had a strong wind to their advantage and Kildare amassed a lot of confidence just before the break.
      • Robertstown utilised the strong wind to their advantage in the first half.
      • In the second half, Burrin, with the strong wind advantage, took the game to Baltinglass.
      • The home side won the toss and elected to use the strong wind to their advantage in the first half.

  • 3

    • 3.1(deeply held, committed)

      (views/beliefs/principles) firme
      (faith) firme
      (faith) sólido
      (support) firme
      we have strong reservations about this candidate tenemos grandes dudas acerca de este candidato
      • I'm a strong believer in discipline creo firmemente en la disciplina
      • I look forward to establishing a strong working relationship with you and to continue representing your company.
      • They have strong beliefs, but strong beliefs firmly anchored in the real and the achievable.
      • This Institute has already established a strong track record in the research arena.
      • That proved to be a costly failure and Murdoch has established a strong presence.
      • In Africa, it has taken longer to establish a strong, viable institution to promote unity.
      • Mr Brown has established strong relationships with development groups, who would welcome him as prime minister.
      • This mission was successful and we can assume that two such similar clergymen established a strong and useful partnership.
      • The Tudors established a strong monarchy in the sixteenth century.
      • Pockets of strong rural traditionalism and community life survived, not least because of the lack of modern services.
      • Jim had a special rapport with Irish people and his popularity has remained incredibly strong over the years.
      • The power of faith is strong in Lourdes, and that should not be forgotten.
      • There is a strong relationship between the limits and the identity of any alliance.
      • Those polls found a strong link between religious observance and partisan behavior.
      • A report released today shows a strong link between brain inflammation and autism.
      • Boy, that new era of strong relations with Russia sure lasted a long time, didn't it?
      • His family still have strong connections in Ryedale and visited relations in the area over Christmas.
      • He has family and relatives in Teesside and is also believed to have strong links to West Yorkshire.
      • Again, trust is required but difficult to gain when these differences are so strong.
      • In that moment, I felt such a strong connection with him that I knew there was no going back.
      • There is a strong correlation between the fold quality and the structure density.

    • 3.2(forceful)

      (protest) enérgico
      (argument/evidence) de peso
      (argument/evidence) contundente
      (argument/evidence) convincente
      he protested in the strongest possible terms protestó de la manera más enérgica
      • I sent him a strong letter le mandé una carta bastante dura
      • she condemned the action in strong language condenó la acción enérgicamente / con palabras muy duras
      • she made out a strong case for reform presentó la necesidad de una reforma de manera muy convincente
      • Does that argument reveal a strong case for electoral reform in Canada?
      • The evidence suggests that a strong case can be made for a planned strategy using militia.
      • If the case is as strong as it sounds, then it may settle on favorable terms to the white plaintiffs.
      • I don't know, but unless we can do things with quantum computers, I think that sounds like a strong argument.
      • Someone would have to have a rather strong argument to convince me now.
      • The argument against vivisection is strong and the evidence overwhelming.
      • Isn't there a strong case for saying that the Tories are just as likely to lose the election by keeping him?
      • There is a strong case for Brown to sound warnings about the economy and the public finances next year.
      • This sounds on the face of it a strong argument, but it is unlikely to carry any practical weight.
      • Certainly a strong argument that such effects are either subtle or rare can be made.
      • Legal experts say that while the plaintiffs' case is strong, it may still not succeed.
      • It could, indeed, and Mr Arlidge builds up a very strong case based on circumstantial evidence.
      • Nevertheless, the evidence from deep crustal wells argues a strong case.
      • All in all, the Context report makes a strong case for closing down the FM transmissions.
      • His outspoken and confrontational views make a strong case for players to have agents.
      • The noninterventionist argument for American entry into both world wars is strong.
      • League tables are not by any means perfect, and there is a strong case for presenting information in the right context.
      • But neither proposition is looking particularly strong at the moment.
      • But the argument for freedom of speech remains as strong today as ever.
      • But is the evidence strong enough to justify exotic new laws of nature?
      • Apart from the sexually explicit scenes, the language is very strong.
      • Their language is so strong, we've got to redefine, we've gotta take back words.
      • The language is strong beyond maximum Trebor strength yet never jars; the performances even stronger.
      • But I do have an extremely strong opinion at what stage a pregnancy should be terminated.
      • Agnes comes across as a strong, forceful character whom we instantly like and admire.
      • When someone uses language that strong, you'd expect him to have facts to back up his words.

  • 4

    • 4.1

      (tendency/resemblance) marcado
      (candidate) firme
      (candidate) con muchas posibilidades
      (candidate) con buenas posibilidades
      she has a strong foreign accent tiene un fuerte / marcado acento extranjero
      • he has a strong chance of being promoted tiene muchas / buenas posibilidades de que lo asciendan
      • Her crunch has the ability to sense strong emotion and she could track me here.
      • In the minds of Chinese, this history inspires a strong sense of indignation.
      • Her strong sense of duty called to mind her grandfather George V and Queen Victoria.
      • I wanted to be where I used to be and have that powerful, strong sense of direction.
      • Some strong emotion, some powerful thought was attacking my brain, but I could not fathom what it was.
      • His powerfully lyrical Symphony no. 6 conveys a strong sense of the Norwegian landscape.
      • The end of the Cold War made this feeling even stronger.
      • Such feelings seem particularly strong among the French.
      • Being asked for a favor conveys a feeling of power, also a strong behavioral reinforcer.
      • The strong desire to move ahead can at times tempt businesses to cut corners or bend the rules.
      • I tried to keep my tuning out powers strong enough to ignore the regular conversation.
      • The desire to kiss her was so strong I had to physically swallow, hard, to stop myself.
      • Here is music that is fiercely modern yet filled with strong emotional resonance.
      • And yet, both men were born in Quebec and have strong emotional ties to Montreal.
      • Two whose work had strong emotional appeal, were Paul Gowdie and Joanne Vriend.
      • A facility such as this is always going to arouse strong emotional feelings regarding its location.
      • These people have a very open heart, a very strong emotional way of feeling.
      • Feel a strong connection to the earth through the balls of your feet and your finger tips.
      • She had felt such a strong connection to him that any other man after him hadn't been enough.
      • There's no doubt that a team that is fit and mentally strong will have some advantage by the end of these two games.

    • 4.2

      (features) marcado
      (features) pronunciado
      (chin) pronunciado
      • The male with the wheat colored hair and strong hawk like feature came forward, behind Mint, surprising her.
      • This collection as usual, featured lots of strong colors and a variety of shapes.
      • She heard Vasic's voice, soft yet strong enough to cut through the chatter.
      • The female's voice is clear and strong, yet the ruling masters can hear her fear.
      • His face was broad and meaty, with a strong, prominent nose and full lips.
      • I would like to know how can you get such vibrant and strong colors in your photos.
      • Before he could look up, a strong, clear, voice shattered the silence of the room.
      • By now, Vasanti is animated; she is looking us straight in the eye, and her voice is strong and clear.
      • The resulting images show both a strong vision and a clear understanding of the photographic medium.
      • Unfortunately his antlers and part of his back have been erased by dripping water but otherwise he is still strong and clear.
      • She had a strong clear voice that you would think could only come from a woman twice her age.
      • That work was different to my usual style, as I had to think about giving the clothes strong, clear lines.
      • To stand out in this jungle, the Arup building needed to have a strong, clear voice - and it does.
      • He still speaks in a clear, strong voice and has the same head of wavy hair, though.
      • She described the colour and action which are strong features of these traditions.
      • It is raw, natural, with a distinct style, yet the underlying melody comes out strong and clear.
      • Do you receive strong mental images or hear the answer to a question that you have inside your head before you have even voiced it?
      • Her voice was strong in my mind almost as if she were right there.
      • Although the visuals are extremely strong, they never overwhelm the actors.
      • The rest of the film is in the strong visual language of cinema itself.

  • 5

    (team) fuerte
    (cast) sólido
    she gave a strong performance as Ophelia su interpretación de Ofelia fue muy convincente
    • geography is my strongest subject geografía es la asignatura en la que estoy más fuerte
    • she's a strong swimmer es una buena nadadora
    • Thresher sharks can grow up to 20 ft and are strong swimmers who can completely vault out of water.
    • The spokesman explained that, if caught in a rip tide, strong swimmers should swim for shore at a 45 angle to the current.
    • Myra's grief was tinged with guilt that she, the strong swimmer who could have saved him, should have been there with him that day.
    • Although I'm a pretty strong swimmer it took all my strength to swim out.
    • Moose are strong swimmers and can cruise at speeds of 6 mph for up to two hours.
    • It is the duty of those able to throw a lifeline, to do so, so that some strong swimmers will survive.
    • He jumped out to swim 50 metres back, but never made it, although he was fit and a strong swimmer.
    • Three hundred feet below, a red inflatable boat chugged out from the beach towards a strong swimmer.
    • He was said not to be a strong swimmer and his friends found him floating unconscious.
    • He'd be well past the mouth of the Delaware by now, strong swimmer that he is.
    • Sections of the river flow extremely quickly, a challenge even for a strong swimmer.
    • Thibeh added that since Manji is such a strong speaker she was able to intimidate those who were asking her questions.
    • They were really driven along by the bass player and the drummer - both of whom were very strong and talented players.
    • It's well handled here by a strong ensemble cast, excellently led by Jonathan Simmons as the ad-exec.
    • A strong tackler with outstanding awareness, he is one of the Italian game's all-time greats.
    • A strong group of expert skiers can expect to climb and ski as many as four peaks in five days.
    • We must assemble a strong team of experts to analyse the relevant information.
    • Although, the announcement of a strong, capable director should stop this from happening.
    • Watson is a masterful player, a strong singer and an obvious devotee of the blues.
    • He is a strong skater with tricky moves, and if you want to try to neutralize him you've got to take the body on him.
    • He longed for a strong dictator and the security of the old religion, without the injustices of the old order.
  • 6

    • 6.1(concentrated)

      (color) fuerte
      (color) intenso
      (light) fuerte
      (light) intenso
      (light) brillante
      (shadow) intenso
      (shadow) bien definido
      (shadow) bien perfilado
      (tea/coffee) fuerte
      (tea/coffee) cargado
      (beer/painkiller) fuerte
      (solution) concentrado
      don't touch strong drink no pruebe las bebidas fuertes
      • To drink strong liquor is also useful since nights get rather cold on the grasslands.
      • The jury heard how Hart had drunk strong coffee repeatedly as he drove, had the driver's window wound fully down and the car radio on.
      • Also on display was his lager and strong ale, so we gave it a quality control test, to make sure that they still tasted good.
      • The moms sit in the kitchen drinking strong coffee and sharing pie and good conversation while the kids all run amok.
      • My favorite drinks are Malibu pineapple and Amaretto sours - I can't drink strong drinks.
      • Whilst there he had drunk a couple of strong drinks, but intended to stay the night.
      • For drinking, he suggests water, coffee, tea, light white wines, and even strong liquor occasionally.
      • Unfortunately both strong drinks brought the worst out of the taste testers.
      • He asked me what I meant and I said that the drug he put in my drink wasn't strong enough for him to get me into bed.
      • How we came to be was a complicated story, one not to be told unless under the influence of a few strong drinks.
      • Smoking and drinking strong alcohol also lead to deep respiration.
      • The experimental drug, called caffeinol, is as potent as two cups of strong coffee and a shot of alcohol.
      • Britain's first vintage beer festival proved that strong ale can be left to mature like wine.
      • We ate squab and currents and drank good strong ale, and I laughed at the weight of it in my head.
      • I was drinking about 12 cans of strong beer daily, to hide the feelings about losing my mum.
      • And according to dieticians, drinking a can of Red Bull is about as dangerous as drinking a strong cup of coffee.
      • In a statement Mrs Smith said her husband had drunk several pints of strong lager before leaving the pub at 2am.
      • Another suggestion is to spray strong coffee on areas such as lawns and roses.
      • Marion's mate likes strong tea so she asked for an extra tea bag and offered to pay.
      • She liked it because it didn't have a strong coffee taste like the other drinks.

    • 6.2(of high intensity)

      (lens) poderoso
      you need stronger glasses necesita unas gafas con más aumento
      • Bright lights, especially flashing lights, and strong smells, can also bring on an attack.
      • Sometimes we had to break down doors, and that was hard for my guys who are going from strong sunlight into interiors that could be hostile.
      • Throughout the dream, I am overwhelmed by a strong smell of dampness.
      • Police and fire officers were called to the scene and cordoned off the area after residents complained about a strong smell of gas.
      • Those living close to the river had to keep their windows closed day and night to avoid the strong smell from the water.
      • Instead, all they have to do is follow their nose - the sweet, strong smell pervades the entire gallery.
      • The alarm was raised when a student at Thurrock and Basildon College in Nethermayne reported a strong smell of gas.
      • For Democrats, stunned by the turnaround in fortune, there is now a strong smell of blood in the political waters.
      • At 16, Martin was confronted by thousands and thousands of bugs on pins and a strong smell of camphor.
      • There was a strong smell of wet clothes drying on people's bodies, and steam was rising in the air.
      • He was smoking and there was a strong smell of petrol on his clothing.
      • To eliminate the strong smell of durian, the peeled durian is placed in a plastic box.
      • Do you know, sometimes the smell is so strong that it can even make you bleed through the nose.
      • Why does it smell so strong when I don't actually smoke that much in the flat?
      • A police officer pulled him over and apparently noticed a strong smell of pot.
      • As the time tunnel propels you through to the Victorian era, a strong smell fills the corridor.
      • During the summer we couldn't even open our windows because the smell was so strong.
      • The scent wasn't too intense yet strong enough to give my hair a nice refreshing and clean touch.
      • The young man is to the left of the shot, squinting in the strong sunlight, his long face caught against an azure sky.
      • Although my husband bought strong security lights it still continued.

    • 6.3(pungent)

      (smell/flavor) fuerte
      • The chicken tasted very fresh and the sauce was delicious with a strong mustard flavour.
      • It proved fresh and filling with a strong tomato flavour and far too much pasta for a mere mortal to consume in one session.
      • It had a dark orange sauce with a strong coconut flavour that was really quite enticing.
      • It complements fine cigars, spicy food and smoked or strong cheeses, and it slips down well on its own.
      • The latter derives its names from its strong garlic flavour, which makes it a good accompaniment to meat and fish.
      • Children would have hated the sausages because they actually boasted a strong flavour, but they proved a treat for adults.
      • Mullet has a strong flavour and firm flesh, so it stays intact when tossed together with the olives, tomatoes and spaghetti.
      • In this recipe we marry the strong flavours of olive oil and fresh rosemary with the succulence of the potato.
      • The strong flavour and softness of the prawns have made the special cuisine a gourmet's delight.
      • On their own they are fairly bland but meaty, so they work well with strong flavours.
      • Here is a gutsy selection that will stand up well with most of those strong flavours.
      • It has a strong earthy taste, which can work well with other strong flavours such as pigeon.
      • It is a fact known worldwide that I detest Brussel sprouts as strongly as their strong flavour.
      • I accept that there are strong flavours and challenging textures here which may not be everyone's idea of good eating.
      • Garlic, onion and strong spices were strictly forbidden in case they contaminated the leaves.
      • The garlic wasn't strong enough to mask a slightly fishy flavour, but that didn't detract.
      • The lamb chops were another highlight, with a strong taste accented by the flavour of oregano.
      • He sipped a little carefully from the spoon and found it had a strong flavour.
      • I had expected just the tiniest sprinkling, but so much strong cheese swamped all the other flavours.
      • Less subtle is the goat's cheese, which provides a strong taste on which to balance the creaminess of the mash.

    • 6.4(unacceptable)

      (language) fuerte
      (language) subido de tono
      this film is strong meat esta película es bastante subida de tono

  • 7

    (in number)
    an army ten thousand strong un ejército de diez mil hombres
    • a ten-strong team un equipo de diez personas (or jugadores etc.)
  • 8

    (verb/ending/declension) irregular
    • It is very concrete, and consists of strong nouns and a strong verb, with no modifiers.