Translation of strong-arm in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈstrɔŋ ˌɑrm/


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    strong-arm tactics mano dura
    • Today's unions are employing the same strong-arm tactics used to oppress the industrial work force of the 19th century.
    • Some human right organisations tried to defy the whip on September 21, but they were terrorised by the strong-arm tactics of the upper castes.
    • This is a typical example of a large company trying to use strong-arm tactics to force an asset out of the hands of an individual.
    • Bullying tactics and strong-arm conduct will assist no one in the resolution of the delicate issues affecting our education system.
    • How free are we in a world dominated by the great American empire and multinational corporations exerting strong-arm tactics on smaller nations?
    • His vigorous defense in fielding the attacks made by regime politicians has shown he does not cower from strong-arm tactics.
    • They have been criticised recently for strong-arm tactics, rolling around in tanks, but not doing enough intelligence.
    • Air Canada's strong-arm tactics prompted the Deluces to sue, and the two sides settled out of court after a two-year fight.
    • These patterns demonstrate that the Republicans' strong-arm tactics in Florida made sense.
    • The Senate is on high alert now, despite your sponsor's strong-arm tactics.
    • He is someone the camorra ‘must’ silence, but any strong-arm tactics would create a hero.
    • Most members of the Legislature feel cowed by the governor's strong-arm tactics.
    • These seemingly tough men, employing strong-arm tactics, expect wives to be their psychic nurses.
    • Competitors allege that he used strong-arm tactics to build his empire.
    • Some might argue that there is nothing wrong with these sort of strong-arm tactics.
    • These strong-arm tactics include garnishing a man's paycheck, revoking his driver's license, and sending him to jail.
    • The RIAA, on behalf of its members, fights to stop the piracy of digital music files using what some would call strong-arm tactics.
    • Suge's reputation for strong-arm business tactics and how that approach was used to bribe and manipulate are also documented.
    • Already deeply suspicious of just about everything, China is no stranger to using such strong-arm tactics to regulate the Internet.