Translation of strong-willed in Spanish:


tenaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌstrɒŋˈwɪld/

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    (determined, self-assured)
    • Even back then, the relationship between the two strong-willed men was clearly disintegrating.
    • Rayford Steele, a strong-willed pilot in his 40s, is the head of the group.
    • His strong-willed mother, a Russian Jewish immigrant, expected great things of her firstborn.
    • Your polished outward appearance is a mere reflection of that soulful, strong-willed person inside.
    • Part of her problem, she concedes, is that she's " not very strong-willed ".
    • Bringing in two or three strong-willed players who would not submit to the losing atmosphere would be one place to start.
    • Anyone, no matter how strong-willed or educated will, to some extent, succumb to these mind control techniques.
    • Far from being a dowdy matron, she was a strong-willed, independent-minded, intelligent woman, twice married, with a mischievous sense of humour.
    • My aunt was a prudent, graceful and strong-willed woman.
    • They must have had pretty incredible parents, because they are extremely strong-willed.
    • Usually I wouldn't listen because I'm very strong-willed and I like to bully him.
    • Because you're strong-willed, it's easy to get into shouting matches with people about the stupidest things.
    • She's utterly convincing as a wallflower in the film's opening scenes, but equally impressive as a strong-willed woman as the film progresses.
    • She paints a portrait of a young, 31-year-old woman who was bright and strong-willed and who chaffed under the discipline imposed on a first lady.
    • As a politician, Lincoln was ruthless and calculating, temperamental and strong-willed.
    • I have to stay strong-willed, say my prayers and hope for the best.
    • Kandice is a strong-willed child who before then had seldom showed emotion, even when I would punish her.
    • Typically strong-willed, Tom and Mary enjoyed the support of their loyal customers through what was a trying time.
    • Her strong-willed nature came from deep thinking and drawing her own conclusions.
    • Ted was charismatic, playful, strong-willed, and above all, one of a kind.
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