Traducción de strongman en Español:


forzudo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstrɔŋˌmæn/ /ˈstrɒŋman/

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nombreplural strongmen

  • 1

    (in circus)
    forzudo masculino
    hombre fuerte masculino América Latina
    • Ivan ‘the Polish Piledriver’ Putski was a legendary strongman, famous for performing feats of strength prior to matches.
    • Namibian strongman Andre du Preez will perform his feats of physical strength for one and half hours before the start of the fireworks.
    • Several companies make them, and they're very popular with power-lifters, strongmen and other strength and power athletes.
    • Macdonald considers the oddball strongman a performance artist who was ‘part of our culture, our heritage.’
    • Defeating both of these strongmen garnered Sandow a contract to perform in London at the prestigious Alhambra Music Hall.
    • The real strongmen, the genuinely strongest of the strong, look different physically.
    • The film is based on the true story of a Jewish strongman (played by two-time world's strongest man Jouko Ahola) in Nazi Germany.
    • Keith began his ascent in the circus, running a sideshow populated with freaks, strongmen, fortune-tellers, and other wonders.
    • Jews, they wanted to prove, could be strongmen too.
    • After easily defeating a circus strongman for a cash prize, Zishe catches the attention of a German impresario who wants him to come to Berlin.
    • So tiny star Istvan Toth has the perfect companions - the circus strongmen.
  • 2

    hombre fuerte masculino
    • These forces, and the strongmen who control these private and separate armies, could well inherit the kingdom.
    • The military strongman rules Taiwan until his death in 1975.
    • One way of escaping such dichotomies is to cease thinking about them, replacing this uncomfortable confusion with decisive rule by a strongman.
    • The cosy relationship between old political strongmen and big business is dead.
    • That it does not have this is a sign of political immaturity and the KMT's origins in strongman rule.
    • It spurred students and workers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to oppose the military strongmen, dictators and demagogues in their countries.
    • The KMT regime relied completely on the unique characteristics of a strongman leader, emphasizing leadership over the law.
    • ‘Wiranto wants a reconciliation,’ said Muladi, who was a justice minister under the 32-year rule of strongman Suharto.
    • When Suharto was Indonesia's president, the strongman's relatives and friends built business empires blessed by his favor.
    • They opt for a presidential system, which tends to be a bad idea in states with traditions of strongman rule.
    • This tiny force is completely outgunned and outnumbered by an estimated 200,000 militia fighters under the control of various local strongmen.
    • Today, strongmen are no longer in place and neither is leadership.
    • Several parts of the countryside are controlled by ‘revolutionary’ regional strongmen and their cutthroat armies.
    • Close associates of the former strongman allegedly often garnered funds from Bulog for their own businesses.
    • He has repeatedly guaranteed the former military strongman an immediate pardon were he ever to be convicted.
    • He will enjoy the kind support normally offered to Panamanian strongmen and Paris Hilton's publicists.
    • "I don't know, " he said when asked if he planned to see the Iraqi strongman.
    • Kunduz is the home ground of Dostum, an ethnic Uzbek strongman.
    • To the Pakistani strongman, Kashmir is a matter of commitment and conviction.
    • "Political repression by local strongmen is the principal problem, " the New York-based rights group said.