Translation of stupendous in Spanish:


tremendo, adj.

Pronunciation /st(j)uˈpɛndəs/ /stjuːˈpɛndəs/

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    (effort/strength) tremendo
    (success) formidable
    (failure) mayúsculo
    we had a stupendous time on vacation pasamos unas vacaciones formidables / estupendas
    • Perched on at least three different levels, it enjoys a stupendous view over the Nile south of Aswan city centre.
    • We climbed the mountain for stupendous views of the west coast.
    • I noticed out the window an absolutely stupendous view over Westminster.
    • People were drawn magnetically to the windows, staring out at stupendous views in all directions.
    • By walking perhaps twenty yards further there's a stupendous view over the Bristol Channel.
    • The annexe has the feel of a private house with a wood fire and stupendous views of the temples of Baalbek.
    • It is a stupendous and, on a first visit, stupifying display of over 140 pictures by fifty artists.
    • It is for no other reason than the empire's need to engage in a stupendous demonstration of its might.
    • However, that presence, stupendous mystery as it was, was in itself no guarantee of benefit, either to celebrant or congregation.
    • But none of those truths should diminish the power of last weekend's stupendous events.
    • Three stupendous performances will stay in the memory.
    • Lipsey says the Treasury can claim credit for the stupendous UK policy success of the last two decades - privatisation.
    • The deal, which allowed Mittal to pay himself a £1.1 billion dividend, also shone a light on his stupendous wealth.
    • So long as it prevails the show is thrilling and stupendous; the moment it fails the show is a dull and dirty farce.
    • The report finds that the cost of these disparities is stupendous.
    • To the converted, the guest list at this weekend's Canadian National Comic Book Expo is stupendous.
    • What a stupendous building, built in thanksgiving for success in war.
    • They are sitting on a stupendous amount of oil after all.
    • By the time we got to the grand final it was just stupendous.
    • I thought it was a stupendous idea - I still do - but I haven't heard anything more about it.