Translation of stupidity in Spanish:


estupidez, n.

Pronunciation /st(j)uˈpɪdədi/ /stʃʊˈpɪdɪti/ /stʃuːˈpɪdɪti/ /stjʊˈpɪdɪti/ /stjuːˈpɪdɪti/

Definition of estupidez in Spanish


  • 1

    estupidez feminine
    tontería feminine
    • To not reduce the retail price in the face of the facts is sheer stupidity.
    • The planet, which was laid waste some millennia previously thanks to the stupidity of mankind, is now littered with ruins.
    • I'm tired of the games, the stupidities, the frustrations, the dynamics, the everything.
    • It's not a reporter's job to protect a star's image, or to protect him from his own stupidity.
    • Of course, that was utter stupidity on my part.
    • In other words, relying on the continued stupidity of central bankers is not the most tenable investment thesis.
    • I'm just incapable of ignoring the vast stupidity that appears to be going on around me.
    • The Wall Street boys got themselves in a huge mess through their own greed and stupidity.
    • Too many people get hurt because of fireworks - whether through their own stupidity, or through the stupidity of others.
    • And you can't rise up every time someone does something stupid and pass a law for the masses to stop the stupidity.
    • A man is inseparable from his congenital vanities and stupidities, as a dog is inseparable from its fleas.
    • The planet is now suffering because of our own stupidity and we are trying to make ourselves feel better by recycling things.
    • Please forgive me for my stupidity.
    • He inwardly laughed at his own stupidity.
    • To jeopardize yourself and those you love just to prove your point is plain stupidity.
    • He's dying for some ice cream but knows it would be the height of stupidity to be seen there.
    • I have no one to blame but myself for my stupidity.
    • This little boy has nearly lost his life through somebody's stupidity.
    • There are plenty of precedents for laws protecting people from their own stupidity - the compulsory use of seat-belts and crash helmets being two obvious examples.
    • If ever a great end to a league season was spoilt by one bloke's stupidity it was this one by charming Chris.
    • Why should I suffer because of somebody's negligence, carelessness, stupidity or even a deliberate act on his or her part?