Translation of sublieutenant in Spanish:


alférez de navío, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsəbˌluˈtɛnənt/ /ˌsʌblɛfˈtɛnənt/


  • 1

    alférez de navío masculine, feminine
    subteniente masculine, feminine
    • His promotion to a sub lieutenant, following his completion of the 22-week ‘direct entry’ officer's course last year, dovetails well with the RAN's decision to post navel nurses to warships.
    • As a junior sub lieutenant my first front-line tour of duty was with 814 Squadron.
    • As the Grafton was scuttled, Mr Kester - who eventually held the rank of sub lieutenant - was transferred to the destroyer Ivanhoe and ended up in Dover.
    • John was serving as a sub lieutenant with the RNVR in 818 Squadron when he took part in the attack on Bismarck which was led by Lt Cdr T. Coode.
    • After a few tense minutes of waiting, Sergeant Williams held up the ok sign for the sub lieutenant.
    • Nuclear propulsion pay will now be received by sub lieutenants and lieutenants at category A levels on completion of their engineer officer of the watch board.
    • They are two young sub lieutenants, not out of their teens who have been placed in charge of these trawlers to take them to the Dardanelles.