Translation of subsequently in Spanish:


posteriormente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsəbsəkwəntli/ /ˈsʌbsɪkwəntli/

Definition of posteriormente in Spanish


  • 1

    ulteriormente formal
    • She then left her and took a taxi but was arrested when it was subsequently stopped by police.
    • Why he was not arrested when he subsequently visited the USA he cannot explain.
    • A man in his twenties was subsequently arrested and the other was released on bail due to medical reasons.
    • Wilson was subsequently arrested because his fingerprints were found on one of the windows.
    • The man was subsequently lynched and thereafter Hammett believed he was living in a corrupt society.
    • I got there too late to stop that and subsequently got back too late for this.
    • Gibson, after whom that desert was subsequently named, was never heard of again.
    • He was landed off the coast of Clare by a German submarine and was subsequently arrested.
    • He was subsequently arrested by a heroic Garda and some members of the local community.
    • I subsequently found out everyone else stopped watching it at about the same time.
    • Again, the area of concern was subsequently notable for its total absence from my slumbering mind.
    • Herbert was arrested on the same day and subsequently charged with her murder.
    • Marina subsequently posed for a fetish magazine but was eventually reunited with her parents.
    • At the time she was single, but shortly afterwards, she met the man whom she subsequently married.
    • The man was taken by ambulance to York District Hospital, but was subsequently discharged.
    • Another allegation subsequently surfaced from the parent of a former pupil.
    • The Rat Pack also recommended him to their management company which subsequently signed him up.
    • He has subsequently become a master of artspeak and a sometimes socialist.
    • Much of the couple's efforts subsequently went on enabling their own family to emigrate to the West.