Translation of substitute in Spanish:


sucedáneo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsəbstəˌt(j)ut/ /ˈsʌbstɪtjuːt/

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  • 1

    sucedáneo masculine
    substitute for sth sucedáneo de algo
    • There is no substitute for immediate political intervention to diffuse this crisis.
    • Real-time data informing the passenger of poor service availability is no substitute for improved service availability.
    • No substitute for experience exists, though, and I certainly will not make the same mistake again.
    • Feeding birds commercial birdseed helps them through harsh winter conditions, but it's no substitute for improving backyard habitat.
    • There is no substitute for continuous incremental improvements and training, but these tools can help.
    • I know with the advance of the years the approach to training has changed and there is no substitute for the endless running but hopefully the training has become more game-orientated.
    • We don't think that you can build a movement through running candidacies at the national level or the local level, and we do think there's no substitute for organizing on a grassroots basis.
    • Leadership might be assisted by various predispositions of character, but this is no substitute for education, experience, training, and opportunity.
    • Put simply, there is no substitute for expressing ideas in precise yet abstract symbols, which can then be manipulated and exploited using established laws and procedures.
    • E-mail - regardless of its perceived efficiency, economical nature, and speed - is no substitute for meeting a potential partner.
    • No, young campers, there's no substitute for brains.
    • No matter how often you perfect a training routine, there really is no substitute for a quick word in your ear about a run to be made, or when to play a one-touch pass as opposed to taking an extra touch to draw the defender close to you.
    • But there is no substitute for human intelligence.
    • Even if we have too much information, filtered or unfiltered information taken out of context is no substitute for the genuine knowledge that can only emerge slowly over time.
    • Passion is no substitute for genuine compatibility.
    • But super-power trappings offer only a flimsy mask for the realities of poverty and are no substitute for grassroots economic development.
    • Ms O'Connor claimed that emergency medical technicians had five days training at most in childbirth and that this was no substitute for midwifery assistance.
    • Above all, self-service is no substitute for good service.
    • Above all, they should realise that, however clever civil servants are, a general education is no substitute for real experience and expertise, out there in the real world.
    • I invariably order too much and end up feeling gluttonous, but no matter - there's no substitute for excellent sushi when you're in the mood for it.
    • The instructor had been an older man and someone that Carl had seen as a father figure, a substitute to fill part of a missing piece of his life.
    • Before World War II, the single mother remained within her family circle, where a grandfather or uncle could become a substitute father.
    • Victorio is dispassionate and controlling as the substitute father figure.
    • Given the reality of the father's physical absence, it may be difficult to find other substitutes for the missing roles.
    • Obsession, Johnson implies, is a poor substitute for love, and scopophilia a thin alternative to sex.
  • 2

    reemplazo masculine
    suplente masculine, feminine
    (goalkeeper/player) (before noun) suplente
    sustituto masculine
    sustituta feminine
    to be a substitute for sb sustituir a algn
    • Each team will comprise of 5 players and two substitutes and games begin at 9.30 am prompt.
    • Parsley again goes into a cup match without a substitute goalkeeper.
    • On an earlier occasion, I suggested that if a player is injured and unable to take part, a substitute should replace the injured man and take part in the game without any restrictions whatsoever.
    • The solution is quite simple - let's go back to having 13 players and two substitutes making sure everyone plays for the shirt.
    • With no substitutes available, the player gamely attempted to play on hoping that treatment during the interval could do the trick.
    • The teams - in orange, blue or green bibs - are each a deliberate mixture of first-team regulars, substitutes and fringe players.
    • No doubt West Bromwich substitutes will summon players off the pitch, take their preferred place on the field and send off the referee.
    • He has made only three appearances as a substitute in competitive matches, the last of them for the final six minutes of the 2-2 draw away to Austria.
    • In all the incident lasted about five minutes and eye witnesses told of fists, boots and hurleys being used as players, substitutes and spectators were drawn into the brawl.
    • Otley Town were forced to re-play this West Riding County FA Challenge Cup tie after playing an ineligible player as a substitute for less than a minute in the original tie.
    • There are seven players in a team and a maximum of 12 players make up a squad to allow for substitutes.
    • Each team was allowed up to eight players including two rotating substitutes, and each team was guaranteed three games.
    • All 11 players and three substitutes were outstanding.
    • It is disheartening to see teams at a school where 58 percent of its students are female not have enough players to have substitutes on the bench.
    • He embraced a few desolate Brazilians, saluted some unused substitutes, stood back from the party and took his leave.
    • Even if he is used sparingly as a substitute, such a player can always unlock doors and turn tides in the blink of an eye.
    • A covering defender stretched to block the cross and was very unfortunate to see his attempted clearance creep in at the near post despite the best efforts of the substitute goalkeeper.
    • This win is testimony to the great work done by this bunch of players and substitutes over the last three months and it is hoped that further success will follow in the years to come.
    • I was revived by smelling salts but, without a substitute to replace me, I played on.
    • Yes, I've played 30 games this season but for the last four or five matches I've been amongst the substitutes, which is obviously disappointing.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to substitute sth for sth
    • Plastic mesh can be substituted for the wire mesh.
    • The stem bark yields quality fibre that may be substituted for jute, but is stated to be of no advantage over jute.
    • It could also save the lives of laboratory mice because chicken eggs and embryos share many genes and biochemical pathways with mammals, so they can be substituted for live animals in experiments.
    • If you're underage, 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract can be substituted for Creme de Menthe.
    • The promoters have conveniently ignored the fact as the UK has no uranium mines, one imported fuel will be substituted for another.
    • Mushrooms, when obtainable, are a great improvement to this dish, and when not in season, mushroom-powder may be substituted for them.
    • These were boarded up, but the timber was then taken away, as also the galvanised iron which was substituted for the boards which were removed.
    • Dance halls, which were popular haunts for the city's fun seekers in the 60s, have been substituted for mega pubs and a new breed of night clubs.
    • Acquire a pair of ducks - you can keep them in a bathtub on the roof (hens can be substituted for ducks).
    • Regular cream can be substituted for the creme fraiche.
    • Pizza and coke will be substituted for wine and nibbles.
    • Mushroom and vegetable bouillon cubes can be substituted for chicken.
    • Velcro can be substituted for the adhesive tabs found on store-bought pads.
    • Click speed can also be slowed down for seniors, and in some cases, one click can be substituted for two.
    • The answer to this is that firepower could be substituted for manpower.
    • Prawns and shrimps can be substituted for the chicken in this recipe with equally delicious results.
    • After one year, Starting Well has admitted that a telephone call can be substituted for a home visit.
    • A dark honey may be substituted for brown sugar, but make sure the honey is very thick.
    • Now, I think this story would work just about as well if the words ‘piano concerto’ were substituted for ‘opera’.
    • Dairy-free margarine, vegetable shortening, or soy butter (if your child tolerates soy) can be substituted for real butter.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to substitute for sth/sb
    • Bananas are a good alternative to potatoes as a source of potassium, and citrus fruits can substitute for broccoli to cover vitamin C requirements.
    • Unmanned air surface and undersea vehicles can substitute for the loss of a number of ships, but not for all of them.
    • Insurers have guaranteed schools that non-teaching staff employed to patrol school property or to substitute for staff on uncertified sick leave will be covered.
    • I think that they need to understand that praying does not substitute for public practice.
    • Simply put, no federal outreach effort can substitute for the quality and quantity of contacts that local police officers have within the neighborhoods they serve.
    • All you do is pout like a little boy and cry out ‘you are a typical conservative’ as if the repetition of that hoary cliche is supposed to substitute for a real argument.
    • The fact of the matter is, the journalism business is a very local business, and no amount of technology available right now can substitute for being in somebody's face.
    • The loss of this essential service will place hardship on many people who do not as yet have access to the kind of banking facilities which will be necessary to substitute for walking into the local office.
    • They must not substitute for effective action.
    • Cellphones won't substitute for hands-on protection by parents.
    • Within a year or so of the Revolution, he adopted - with typical enthusiasm - the principle that in crisis the Party must substitute for the proletariat.
    • It did not substitute for a congressional investigation.
    • Ballots substitute for bullets in venting internal frustrations.
    • Every time a function that used to be performed by public servants is outsourced to the private sector, private jobs substitute for public ones.
    • This week will substitute for the monthly meeting for May.
    • So do not take the following sentences as some fluffy hyperbole meant to substitute for a real, five paragraph review.
    • A survey showed more than 70 per cent of students said typing on a keyboard can substitute for handwriting.
    • No longer can a lot of cheery-sounding mush from teachers and administrators substitute for hard facts.
    • It has some utility, but it wouldn't ever substitute for trial by jury.
    • In time little voice intonations, punctuation and even language choice will substitute for body language.