Translation of succession in Spanish:


sucesión, n.

Pronunciation /səkˈsɛʃən/ /səkˈsɛʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(act of following)

      sucesión feminine
      for 6 years in succession durante seis años consecutivos / seguidos
      • it's happened ten times in succession ha pasado diez veces seguidas

    • 1.2(series)

      sucesión feminine
      serie feminine
      a succession of visitors/images una sucesión de visitantes/imágenes
      • a succession of defeats una serie de derrotas
      • The game came alive in the 20th minute when Bury, following a succession of a five-metre scrums, were eventually awarded a penalty try, the conversion a formality.
      • Following a succession of attacks, a large breakaway group moved clear on the first of three laps and opened up a decisive lead over the rest.
      • The city has struggled following a succession of high-profile business closures and job losses.
      • But, a couple of months ago, it warned that its dividend policy was under review, following a succession of profit warnings.
      • Following a succession of appeals, however, the sentences were lifted.
      • More important, by following a succession of customized movements programmed by a professional, her progress seems to be under firm control of science.
      • What followed was a succession of high-calibre performances.
      • There follows a succession of adventures, dangers, narrow escapes from death, and general blows of malign Fate.
      • In my head, the faces of those I love appear, followed swiftly by a succession of pictures from my past.
      • A succession of books followed, mostly easy readers that told tales of the Revolutionary War through colorful pictures and monosyllabic words.
      • How should the home secretary respond to the succession of nasty murders committed by offenders under supervision by the probation service in the community?
      • Yet, as the decade wore on and a succession of lacklustre releases followed to mixed reviews and declining, albeit still formidable, sales the proverbial chickens came home to roost.
      • Their front facades and interior detailing followed a succession of changing fashions related to those of freestanding houses.
      • It was followed by a succession of unstable coalition governments.
      • There followed a succession of hospitalizations and, finally, confinement in a mental ward.
      • I was in the middle of one of my passionate rants when the doorknob rattled, followed by a succession of loud knocks.
      • Despite lacking any formal military training, he led his army of devoted followers to a succession of victories in battles and sieges.
      • There then followed a succession of failures by the claimants to comply with their obligations under the rules and under orders of the court, notwithstanding repeated reminders by the defendants.
      • A succession of hits followed and by year-end, she had become France's national sex symbol and was rated among the top French stars.
      • The seemingly endless waves of corporate fraud were quickly followed by a succession of massive business failures.

  • 2

    (to office, rank)
    sucesión feminine
    the law of succession la ley de sucesión
    • As a fruit of the Pombaline vision, Goa is today the only State in India to have a uniform civil code, which ensures women equal rights of succession, property and inheritance.
    • I think he was confusing the constitutional succession in office with who was in charge.
    • The Lib Dem policy would prove even more progressive than the mayor's plans, with partnerships that were binding in matters of inheritance, pensions and succession of tenancy.
    • Under Salic law (which prohibits succession in the female line), Ernst would be the British king rather than just the Prince of Hanover.
    • It is a chairman's role to manage succession and the Fairfax process has, frankly, been quite pathetic.