Traducción de sullen en Español:


hosco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsələn/ /ˈsʌlən/

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  • 1

    (person/nature/mood) hosco
    (person/nature/mood) huraño
    (atmosphere) de resentimiento
    • After she declined a proposal to have dinner with him he returned to his more sullen and sulky ways.
    • This hope was dashed when she walked into the dining room to find him still sullen and sulky.
    • Those who should ask questions either do not bother to show up, knowing they will not be called, or sit in sullen silence.
    • Outside the fine rain had abated, leaving it its wake a sullen spring sky of pencil grey.
    • Anthony Hopkins goes from sullen silence to wordy sermonising as an unhinged anthropologist in this heavy-handed drama.
    • Or do you picture them caked in mud, bodies swarming with lice, marching in sullen silence?
    • Mounting the pulpit they appealed for calm and secured a sullen silence.
    • Bolton itself also belied any clichéd image of drab northern towns under sullen skies.
    • Boscaini manages to say this entirely convincingly under a sullen, grey sky in Dublin.
    • I shrink into myself and become sullen and uncommunicative.
    • There's a sullen, and increasingly angry mood on the issue.
    • At best you will achieve a sullen and resentful compliance.
    • If I do that, it will make him sullen and resentful and unmotivated to control his desire to hit when he is angry.
    • It squats at the bottom of the pail like a sullen garden toad, refusing to budge.
    • The Dutch of the 19th century were portrayed as gloomy and sullen preachers and educators.
    • She's childish, sullen, moody and volatile, prone to outbursts of jealousy, weeping, rage and laughter.
    • But prepare for the inevitable crash of emotions as the money is spent and the glow fades and you end up gloomy and sullen.
    • Soon enough, though, I'd had enough of walking, the sky grew more and more sullen, and the temperature dropped.
    • He leans back and crosses his hands over his chest, a sullen expression on his lean, sculpted face.
    • A couple of tourists are sitting in a brasserie on the Boulevard-St-Germain and their waiter is sullen, slow and brings the wrong order.
  • 2literario

    (sky/day/clouds) sombrío
    (sky/day/clouds) triste